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Dota 2 Auto Chess is becoming more and more popular

Throughout these two months, Dota 2 Auto Chess that took everyone by surprise, was becoming more and more popular. As of this writing, it has more than four million subscribers in the steam workshop and tens of thousands of simultaneous players, it is definitely a great success. But for more fun that it is, it can not be denied that it is an extremely complex and really difficult game to start playing without reading anything before. When you start your first game you will see several things on the screen. This is really what breaks the hopes of several players when opening the game for the first time, so let's go slowly.

Dota 2 Auto Chess matches are divided into rounds. Each of these is divided into a preparation phase and a fight phase. In the first of these we will have to buy our units or rather, our pieces and place them on the board. At the beginning of each round we receive 5 completely random units to buy among those we have to choose the ones we are going to acquire.

We buy using our money, and once purchased we will use the first skill of our character (the Q key by default) to move them from our bench to the board. For this they give us 30 seconds (which at first seems a lot but with the passage of the rounds ends up being little, so be careful not to end). In the first round it is simple, we only have one gold coin so we can buy a single unit and position it on the board. 

Then comes the combat stage where our pieces will fight against the pieces of the other players, with the exception of the first 3 rounds in which we will face against units controlled by the machine. These combats against artificial intelligence are repeated every five rounds. At the beginning it is preheating, but then it becomes more complicated. If you want to learn more Dota 2 Auto Chess, welcome to rvgm.com which is Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy Code a professional online store.

In the combat stage our pieces will fight completely alone. We can not do anything, just look how they win or lose the fight according to their positioning and characteristics. After the fight ends, we go to the beginning of the second round where they will give us five new units to buy and the process is repeated again and again. Each time we lose a combat, we lose life points (HP) for each live piece of the enemy that remains on the board. Starting with 100 points, and reaching 0 we are out of the game. The goal, therefore, is to be the last one standing.


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