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FIFA 19 the Belgium team is better than France

For the video game of Electronic Arts, Belgium is better than France, with an average core of 84.7 / 100, against 83.3 for the Blues. In detail, it is Spain that appears as the reference team, ahead of Belgium and Germany. France ranks fourth, tied with Argentina. The Croatian selection, totally absent from the game for reasons of rights, does not appear in the national team menu. Unlike Italy, which is close to France despite its absence in Russia. These scores are calculated from the estimation of the individual value of the players, not from the performance of the selections in the most prestigious competitions.

In detail, the Canadians of EA Sport have obviously experienced all the trouble in the world to translate into figures the grit game developed by teammates Antoine Griezmann at the World Cup. In FIFA 19, the France team has certainly the best midfielder. But it appears however as a surprisingly weak selection in defense and attack compared to other selections, including Belgium.

While the tricolor observers wait feverishly that one of the 23 Blues wins the prestigious Golden Ball, none of them emerge at 90 or more average in FIFA 19. The two best, Griezmann and Kante, are at 89. For comparison, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are valued at 94/100, and Belgians Eden Hazar and Kevin De Bruyne at 91, as well as Croatian Luka Modric at Real Madrid.

EA wants to fight against the players who play the clock

To play the clock in FIFA 18, as in any sport, is to spend all your time throwing the ball in defense as soon as you have a lead in the score. Especially widespread in football, this anti-sports technique is enough to rage the opponent and gives rise to painful and closed games. More FIFA 19 game information and cheap FIFA 19 Coins from www.pointssale.com.

In the FIFA community, this unfair practice is raging and continues to dominate in certain types of matches. The players, in order not to lose their lead, continue to pass the time without the opponent can do anything. On the forums, players regularly complain about this kind of strategy, and ask the development teams at Electronic Arts to have a system to fight against this kind of unfair technique.

Aware of the problem, EA has announced that it wants to remedy all this in the very last episode of its football game, FIFA 19. The team presshas finally been introduced and allows to put pressure on the opposing defense to exploit the slightest flaw that can manifest itself. That should put an end to this unfair practice.



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