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NHL 19 is truly the ultimate hockey game

One can have fun and even perform at NHL 19 by only using basic skills; but by discovering the exhaustive tutorial, we discover a panoply of advanced skills that can help us move to another level if we want to compete online or simply impress our friends with breathtaking feints.

By default, a visual aid is activated during matches that tells us when to shoot, when to make a pass, what defensive skill used when and a help aiming. This visual aid is well integrated with the game and is not disturbing if you still need it.

The mode that personally attracted me the most is the Hockey Ultimate Team where we build a team with players obtained with trading cards. The big novelty this year is the presence of legendary players such as Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Guy Lafleur, etc. There are about 200 legends of hockey in the game. No longer attached to the Montreal Canadiens as I have been and not a great connoisseur of current players, the fantasy aspect of Hockey Ultimate Team is perfect for me.

If I want to be competitive in online leagues this mode, I have to buy card packs to hope for quality players. I can get these packages with virtual money by playing a lot, a lot, a lot or by putting real money to buy packages. This is a case where the advantage of the better off players is not just aesthetic; they can get a real advantage by getting faster star players. 

And hockey itself, is it fun to play? In full simulation mode, NHL 19 is truly the ultimate hockey game. As William Ho, the creative director of the game, explains, every year attempts are made to improve specific aspects of the game such as skating and collisions this year. The kicker seems more natural and responds faster than in previous versions. Giving big checks is extremely satisfying, especially with a revival of realism in collisions.

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