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  2. Do you have a long time used curly wig? Here in this article, we will discuss that how to refresh your curly wig and bring it back to life. With proper care, you can revive even the most lifeless of Brazilian Hair. Spray Water On Your Curly Wig Fill a spray bottle with water and spritz this throughout your curly wig. Alternatively, you could wet your hair with a spray bottle and then spray your hair with a liquid leave-in conditioner. Detangle The Brazilian Curly Hair Sometimes a tangled curly hair wig is just that: Full Lace Front Wigs of pesky tangles. It'll take some patience and dedication, but with a wide-tooth comb and a glass of water half-full, an old curly wig can be revived with heavy duty detangling. A wide tooth comb instead of a paddle brush will prevent breakage, especially while wet. Always start detangling from the ends and slowly work your way up to the roots. Do a Deep Conditioning Treatment Curly hair wig is more susceptible to dryness, and dryness can cause a whole host of issues from frizz to breakage and in our case, I have found that it contributes to a loss of curl pattern. We apply deep conditioner to our damp hair in sections to that it is fully saturated, then pop the wrap into the microwave for 48 seconds. Do not microwave it for too long, even if it doesn't feel warm to the touch it is done at 48 seconds, any more and the gel inside will start to melt. Then we place the wrap over my hair for 30-45 minutes, it is the ultimate Sunday treat and will increase the benefits of your favorite deep conditioner for your hair. Go for a Dry Scalp Treatment To keep human hair curly wigs remaining shiny all the time, add small portions of olive oil to the wants. Since the conditioner may not successfully make its way into your natural roots and scalp when you are wearing wigs, it is important to keep your scalp and roots away from certain dryness issues. Wash Your Jerry Curly Wig when washing your Jerry curly wig, be very gentle with warm water. you will want to completely avoid rubbing the wigs together as you might normally do with your natural hair. Air Dry Your Real Hair Curly Wig Whether you have real hair curly wig or other wavy wig, air drying is your best choice. Stop using heat to dry and style the curly human hair wigs. Curling irons, hot rollers and hair dryers burn the hair and cause frizziness. Let the hair air dry and enjoy tangle free hair. WigginsHair Website:https://www.wigginshair.com
  3. Want to tint the lace on lace closures, lace frontals or Lace Wigs with fabric dye but don't know where to start? Luckily for you we have a couple of tried and true suggestions. 1. What Is Lace Closure? If you do not know what lace closure is, it's simply a hairpiece that is placed on your hair where hair strands are tied on a beige or dark brown lace, which gives a natural look by imitating the scalp. 2. What Is Lace Frontal? Lace Front Wigs is kind of a ear to ear lace closure. It meaning that the individual strands of hair are attached to a lace base. It does give a natural look. You can get a natural look with lace. Many customers prefer lace frontal. 3. What Is Lace Wig? Lace wig have a small sheer lace panel along the front hairline attached to the front of the wig. The hair strands are hand sewn into the holes of the lace. Wearing lace wigs is very simple because they are stretchy and cover the entire scalp area with a natural looking hairstyle and the Human Hair Lace Front Wigs even carry a few baby hair. 4. Why Tint Lace Closure, Lace Frontal And Lace Front Wig? Very practical reason for this. Light brown lace can always be made darker so this is why this color is usually the default color so to speak. While some of you may be aware, others may not know that the lace color can be changed to match your complexion. So what do you do when your scalp is darker than light brown? You can do this by completing a process that we call tinting lace. 5. How To Tint Lace On Lace Closure, Lace Frontal And Lace Front Wig? Step 1: Tinting items you will need Lace Closures/ Lace Frontals / Lace Wigs, Fabric Dye, Gloves, Bowl, Hot Water, Cold Water, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner Step 2: Choose the right color Choosing the right color is important for a natural application. You can get more creative and mix colors to achieve the perfect match. Step 3: Mix the dye with hot color After you have chosen the correct color you will need to fill a dish with hot water. Hot water is necessary to ensure that the color takes. You can use a regular dish like a bowl, as long as your lace closure, lace frontal or lace front wig can fit. Next, you should mix the dye or hair color with the hot water. Step 4: Wash the lace closure Next you will need to wash the lace closure, lace frontal or lace wig thoroughly with cool water to allow the color to set in. You can use any shampoo and conditioner of your choice for this step. The water will run brown at first but this is normal. After washing and conditioning simply let the hair air dry. WestKiss Website:https://www.westkiss.com/
  4. Brazilan Human Hair customization is one of the most fun ways to take advantage of wigs without damaging your natural hair. Lace front Human Hair Wigs are especially popular for customization as you can bleach, color and manipulate the wig hair with heat and styling tools without worry. How To Customize Your Wigs For Women Step 1: Place The Wig Place your lace wig on your mannequin head and make sure it is nice and secure with your T-Pins. Step 2: Pluck The Lace Plucking is the process of using a tweezer to pluck out excess hairs around the frontal to make it less bulky. Part the hair on your lace front wig in two sections and take your fave tweezers and start to pluck the hairline towards you in order to get a more natural look. Step 3: Apply Bleach Mixture Unless you've ordered a pre-bleached lace front, you're going to have to bleach the knots. Since each hair strand is hand tied into the lace base, there are visible knots at the end of each strand which look like little black dots along your lace. Bleaching your frontal masks the black knots, and makes your hairline look more natural. Step 4: Protect The Wig Hair From Heat Damage Secure your wig onto your mannequin head with your t-pins. Use a dime sized amount of heat protection and disperse it throughout the hair. Step 5: Curl The Hair As You Like Separate the hair into different sections with your comb, and clip the excess hair out of your way using your alligator clips. Then take your wand curler and begin to curl different sections of the hair to your liking. Step 6: Create Your Own Part All lace wigs were not created equal. Some come with a pre-made part down the middle, to the side, with multiple parts, or with no parting at all . With the free part lace front wig in particular , you'll get to choose where you want your part to lay and create it. Step 7: Create Natural Edges One of the main complaints from newbie lace front wig wearers is the unnatural hairline. No one's hairline is full from ear to ear, and it'll be the first indicator that you're wearing a wig. Adjust your lace front wig accordingly. Use a razor to cut the hair down until the hair is at your desired baby hair length. How long you want them to be is really up to you, some even resort to not creating baby hairs at all. Using a wig head lay down the baby hairs as you would on your head using mousse. AlipearlHair Website:https://www.alipearlhair.com
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  8. Social media rundown of Twitter reactions to the Saints selection of their center of the future." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteCanal Street Chroniclesa New Orleans Saints communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsLibrarySaintsOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections InterviewsNew Orleans Saints SatireWho Dat HistoryCanal Street Chronicles TutorialTwitter reactions to the Saints Erik McCoy pickSocial media rundown of Twitter reactions to the Saints selection of their center of the future.CDTShareTweetShareShareTwitter reactions to the Saints Erik McCoy pickBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsThe New Orleans Saints traded up in the second round to draft Erik McCoy out of Texas A&M with the 48th overall pick. Here’s what the NFL world is saying: Good morning Y’allAs always New Orleans Saints Kaden Elliss Jersey , for our novice readers or non-New Orleanians, welcome! Let’s start with some definitions:Beignets (English: /b蓻n藞je瑟/; French: [b蓻刹蓻], ben-YAY literally bump) are distinctly New Orleans, a delicacy intimately connected to the city’s rich French heritage. Best enjoyed heavily powdered with sugar.Caf茅 au lait (/藢k忙fe瑟 o蕣 藞le瑟, k忙藢fe瑟, k蓹-/; French: [kafe ol蓻]; French for “coffee with milk”) is a delicious New Orleans way to start your day. This is your “After-Saints-Game” breakfast, where we talk about the state of the Black and Gold, we debate the goings-on in the NFC South, and paint the playoff picture in the NFC up to this point of the season. So, sit back, take a bite and a sip while your brain slowly wakes up Womens Kaden Elliss 2019 Jersey , and let’s catch up on some football. *What Just Happened?The Champs are dead, long live the Champs! There will be a new Super Bowl champion in the 2018-19 NFL season, as the New Orleans Saints cast a spell on Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday in a hard-fought, come-from-behind 20-14 win in the NFC divisional playoffs.It looked bleak early, as the Eagles jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. Little did they know that they wouldn’t score again for the rest of the game, while the Saints would put up 20 points on the board and that would be enough.Philadelphia’s loss means that there still won’t be a repeat Super Bowl winner since the New England Patriots won the Lombardi trophy in 2003 and 2004. It is hard to win in the NFL playoffs, so let’s bask in this victory for a while, because the Saints are now in the NFL’s Final Four and that elusive Two Dat is getting tantalizingly close.It is at this stage of the playoffs last year that the Saints lost in crushing fashion in Minnesota. The loss was the third in a row for New Orleans in the divisional round (2011 in San Francisco, 2013 in Seattle, 2017 in Minneapolis). With about 2:01 remaining in the game yesterday, it looked as though the Saints were headed for another heartbreaking playoff loss. But when Marshon Lattimore picked off Nick Foles at the Saints’ 19-yard line with 1:52 left in the game New Orleans Saints Wil Lutz Jersey , it felt as if the Saints, the city of New Orleans and Saints fans everywhere all exhaled: The rust is gone, the three-game losing streak in the divisional round of the playoffs is gone, the Super Bowl beckons. Let’s geaux!*Five Numbers...That Don’t Lie171: The number of receiving yards by wide receiver Michael Thomas yesterday against the Eagles. Thomas had 12 receptions on 16 targets (a 75% catch rate), a long of 42 yards and one crucial touchdown that gave the Saints their first lead of the afternoon. The 171 receiving yards were a Saints’ single-game franchise record in the playoffs. B-A-L-L-E-R!11. Minutes and 29 seconds. With the Saints trailing 14-10 and 13:09 left in the third quarter, New Orleans took the ball at its own 8-yard line. 18 plays, 11:29 minutes and 112 yards later (by virtue of overcoming penalties), the Saints led 17-14 and would not look back. In the game, New Orleans held the ball for 37:50 minutes, a preposterous advantage in time of possession of more than 15 minutes over the Eagles (22:10 minutes).6: And O! Bet against Drew Brees and Sean Payton at home in the playoffs at your own risks: Since 2006, the Saints are 6-0 in the Superdome in the playoffs. On the road? Just 1-5. In other words New Orleans Saints Michael Hoomanawanui Jersey , if I were the Los Angeles Rams, I would not feel too confident right now.3: There have been ups and downs for the Saints in the Payton/Brees era, but next Sunday will mark their third appearance in the NFC Championship Game. What we have been witnessing from the Black and Gold for the last 13 years is awesome, let’s enjoy the heck out of it, Saints fans.0: The number of points allowed by the Saints to the Eagles after they scored their second touchdown with 4:37 left in the first quarter. Philadelphia had 199 net yards at halftime. They finished the game with 250 net yards. In other words, the Eagles gained only 51 net yards in the entire second half. Whoever sleeps on the Saints’ defense isn’t paying attention.*Beignets and Caf茅 au Lait AwardsFresh Beignets with Hot Coffee: Saints fans in the Superdome. I was incredibly proud of Saints fans, as they affected the Eagles several times in the game. Once crucial instance occurred with 14:11 to go in the third quarter: The Eagles had a 2nd-and-7 at their own 28-yard line but had to burn a precious timeout because of confusion in their huddle. That’s Dome Field Advantage right there.Stale Beignets with Day-old Coffee: The Achilles-tearing Turf. Injuries are part of the game, but when they happen and are severe, it is always a bummer. Saints’ defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins reportedly tore his Achilles tendon with 7:13 left in the first quarter of yesterday’s game. If confirmed, the injury means that Rankins will miss the rest of the postseason. Typical post-surgery recovery time for Achilles tendon injuries varies from 4 to 6 months, so Rankins should be ready to go for the start of the 2019-20 NFL season. We wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully his Black and Gold buddies win it all for him. In a sad coincidence Cheap Michael Hoomanawanui Youth Jersey , Eagles’ guard Brandon Brooks also tore his Achilles tendon during the game.*Super Bowl OddsAccording to fivethirthyeight.com, the Saints have the best odds of reaching the Super Bowl at 64%, followed by the Chiefs (61%), Patriots (39%) and Rams (36%). New Orleans also has the best odds to win Super Bowl LIII at 33%, in second place are the Chiefs (31%) followed by the Patriots (19%) and finally the Rams (17%). It seems as though despite the fact that the Saints aren’t blowing teams out anymore, the oddsmakers still believe that they are the top of the four teams still alive. I completely agree with them.Super Bowl odds courtesy of fivethirtyeight.com*What’s Next?The Saints will play the Los Angeles Rams Sunday at 2:05 PM CT in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the right to play in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday February 3, 2019 in Atlanta. Back on November 4, 2018, the Saints defeated the Rams 45-35 in a barn burner that saw New Orleans blow a 35-14 lead, but pull away late to secure the win. The Rams stamped their ticket to the NFC title game by defeating the Dallas Cowboys 30-22 in a game that was not as close as the final score indicates. Los Angeles, like Philadelphia yesterday Cheap Josh Hill Youth Jersey , has revenge on its mind and now boasts a two-headed monster in the backfield, with the unexpected strong play of running back C.J. Anderson to complement Todd Gurley. The Saints, who have an excellent run defense, will probably elect to put the game in Jared Goff’s hand and take their chances in coverage. It certainly worked yesterday against Philly. Getcha popcorn ready, this one’s gonna be a doozy!*Hey, get some work done! Unless you’re still drunk from celebrating yesterday, then keep reading!
  9. Cole Beasley took to the always-understanding place of Twitter on Tuesday Dallas Cowboys Maliek Collins Jersey , and when he did he caused quite a stir.This is the world in 2019. If you’re an athlete or public figure the words you say are going to generate reactions from a lot of people. Beasley is a longtime veteran of the Dallas Cowboys and knows this quite well.Beasley made it a point to say that the targets on the Cowboys are determined by the front office. Here is his original tweet (there were a few others afterwards) plus what he put out on Wednesday after almost 24 hours of it cycling around.This was a confusing point as it’s not necessarily borne out by the statistics. The Cowboys traded for Amari Cooper and that changed the way all of their receivers were used, that’s the only influence that the front office had.It wasn’t just fans of the Dallas Cowboys that reacted to Cole’s thoughts, and it wasn’t even just media members. The aforementioned front office themselves had some thoughts as Stephen Jones appeared on the Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday. Here’s what he had to say.Beasley saying most recently that he’s not mad and that he just wants to help his team win is great to see, but it doesn’t exactly wipe away his original comments. He is going to be a free agent this offseason and he’s completely entitled to explore whatever options he feels best benefit him, he should be encouraged to do so, this all just feels like a walk-back of sorts.What do you think?Tweetcap: Cowboys put boots to Giants 20-13, sack Eli Manning into his next meme After the ranting and raving concerning last week’s loss to the Panthers Cheap Maliek Collins Youth Jersey , the Cowboys couldn’t afford to fall 0-2. They know all the stats that point to 0-2 being a hole that 89% of NFL teams don’t find a way out of. The offense, in particular, was under a lot of scrutiny whether it was quarterback play, offensive line play, play-calling, or just about anything else you can think of. The Cowboys came into the division matchup with the Giants as the more determined team and left winners. So, what was different and how did the Cowboys handle business this time around?A.) “Challenge Accepted” Back them off by going deepThe Cowboys got speed involved early on offense and it carried them over for the rest of the game. When you think of speed White Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , Tavon Austin is the guy that comes to mind:The offense needed a shot in the arm of explosiveness and when you can connect on a deep ball like that, it makes the defense have to account for it. Dak Prescott would go deep twice more in this game, though they didn’t connect, it effectively helped them shake loose of the Giants defense. Still, Michael Gallup has to catch this one:The Cowboys took some shots in this game which is what the offense needed and it sparked the team. It did get tougher for them after that, they only scored three more points for the half but that’s when the defense took over.B.) Getting Dak Prescott on the move, grinding down the opponent with Ezekiel ElliottThere was definitely a lull in the offensive action or the score would have been much higher for the Cowboys. However Ezekiel Elliott Jersey 2019 , we got to witness the Cowboys offensive coaches use the strengths of the team’s talents. It was a reversion to the method that was so successful for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott in their rookie seasons. It started with letting Dak trust his instinct to run and take advantage of extra attention Elliott was getting. Here’s his first zone read run:Here’s Dak’s second zone read keeper, where he fakes the defense out well and Deonte Thompson seals off his man:These types of runs by Dak Prescott are critical to the offense’s success. The Cowboys want a healthy balance of knowing when to allow it to happen. They don’t want Dak getting hurt but he’s built to get things done with his feet in addition to his arm. The biggest threats the Cowboys have are Ezekiel Elliott, Tavon Austin, and Dak Prescott. All three were featured last night and all three made huge plays that was the difference in a win or loss.The best part of the entire night was the Cowboys first drive of the fourth quarter. It showed the true strength of their offense because it completely sealed the deal for the win. It was a 14-play drive that traveled 82-yards and took 8:23 off the clock. The drive featured passes to Cole Beasley, Michael Gallup, and Tavon Austin. It also had keeper’s by Dak and runs from Ezekiel Elliott, but the important factor was that it ended with seven points. It was the Cowboys doing what they do best Dallas Cowboys Randy Gregory Jersey , controlling the tempo, and killing the clock.C.) Sacking Eli Manning into his next internet memeThe Cowboys defense is the strength of this team and it sounds so weird to say for a team that has been so offensively dominant in the recent past. Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard knew that this Giants offensive line could not handle the pressure they schemed up. What ensued was a new classic “Eli” photo for the ages:The Giants spent money on bringing in Nate Solder at left tackle, they drafted Will Hernandez, but nothing they could do would stop the “Hot Boyz”. Taco Charlton’s path on the first sack was easy as pie after the Cowboys sent the linebackers on a blitz. Taco just ran right past the line, untouched:That’s just one of six sacks the Cowboys put on Eli Manning. Six different Cowboys players sacked Eli Manning. Richard and Marinelli dialed up blitzes with their linebackers and safeties, it proved to be too much for that overmatched offensive line in New York.The Giants had four drives in the first half and the Cowboys got Manning down on three of those drives and held them to no points. Folks like to pick on the Cowboys offense but the Giants offense has a far worse trend:It’s pretty alarming for New York because on paper, they have explosive players Youth Robert Newhouse Jersey , but games like this last one will have everyone second-guessing:That decision to load up on offensive talent around Eli Manning looms large for a lot of people that follow and cover the New York Giants. Saquon Barkley is a talented player but the Giants will forever be linked to the quarterbacks they never took:This game had lots of moments but there is nothing that stands out further than watching Eli Manning get battered and bruised for four quarters. Protection was clearly the biggest issue for the Giants. If the Cowboys weren’t sacking Eli Manning, they would have plays like this one where Manning had to have regretted the decision to take off.When you look around the league where offensive line protection is at a premium, these “Hot Boyz” are the real deal. The way the Cowboys defense played this game was one for the ages. Everyone will remember where they were when they watched the Cowboys defense throw a Sack-Fest. In a passing league, the Cowboys finally have the guys that quarterback’s have nightmares over.
  10. Peyton Manning Jersey

    Brandon Graham just got re-signed by the Eagles Jacoby Brissett Jersey Stitched , how does this affect the Colt’s plans?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Colts StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Colts NewsYahoo Colts Team PageYahoo Colts ReportYahoo Colts Depth ChartYahoo Colts TransactionsYahoo Colts PhotosShop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Free AgencyWhat Brandon Graham’s re-signing means for the ColtsNew,8commentsBrandon Graham just got re-signed by the Eagles, how does this affect the Colt’s plans?ESTShareTweetShareShareWhat Brandon Graham’s re-signing means for the ColtsDuring a break in the NFL Scouting Combine, the Eagles announced they had signed Brandon Graham to a 3-year $40 million dollar contract. It was somewhat surprising to see Philadelphia dedicate that kind of cash for Graham. He has been a great player but just turned 30 years old, had 4.0 sacks last year and the Eagles are are working with a tight budget. Perhaps the decision was more in line with Chris Ballard’s philosophy to re-sign homegrown talent and develop locker room chemistry. Eagles GM Howie Roseman referred to Graham as, “a legend in Philadelphia.”While seeing a player like Graham sign may not strike Colts fans as a huge blow, he did have value as a possible mentor to our young, developing edge rushers. I don’t think that value works out to $13 million a year. On the plus side for the rest of the league, the Eagles are left with only $18 million dollars in cap room for 2019. Once you consider the need to pay their incoming rookies, they have closer to $8-10 million dollars to spend. This makes it highly unlikely that they will be able to re-sign a player who could be a real difference maker, cornerback Ronald Darby — note that he tore his ACL in Week 10. At the end of the day, the Eagles overpaid to re-sign an aging (30) home-grown edge player (drafted 13th pick in 2010), eating up a lot of their cap and likely accepting that they will have to allow some of their more talented players to leave on the open market. Which defensive ends in the 2019 draft fit Ballard’s preferred mold?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Colts StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Colts NewsYahoo Colts Team PageYahoo Colts ReportYahoo Colts Depth ChartYahoo Colts TransactionsYahoo Colts PhotosShop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁昇FL GeneralColts AnalysisNFL DraftBuild-A-Ballard: Who the Colts may target at defensive end in the 2019 NFL Draft New,39commentsWhich defensive ends in the 2019 draft fit Ballard’s preferred mold?ESTShareTweetShareShareBuild-A-Ballard: Who the Colts may target at defensive end in the 2019 NFL Draft Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY SportsAt Stampede Blue, we will do our best investigative work to determine how Chris Ballard might approach free agency and the draft. In this series, we will look back at Ballard’s past drafts with the Colts and with the Chiefs— where he was the Director of Player Personnel or Director of Football Operations from 2013 to 2016— and try to find common themes or traits that he may look for.We already know Ballard covets athleticism and leadership on and off the field but this series hopes to shed more light on traits he is looking for and help to uncover some of the players he may target in the draft.The focus today will be on what Ballard has called the greatest need heading into the offseason, pass rusher. What types of defensive ends will Ballard look for in the 2019 draft?Past Drafted PlayersDuring Ballard’s tenure in Indianapolis and Kansas City, his organizations have drafted six edge rushers in six drafts. Although pass rusher hasn’t been the core need in each of those years, Ballard has still elected to use four picks from the first two days of the draft. The top pick used to address the position was a first round selection in 2014.We will examine five of the six prospects to find common traits. The sixth player that we will not be including is Mike Catapano, a defensive end taken in the 7th round out of Princeton in 2013. He only lasted four seasons in the NFL and made little to no impact.Dee Ford, DE, Auburn (2014)— 1st Round PickSize: 6’2” 250 poundsMeasureables (Pro Day):40 Time: 4.59 seconds / 10-yard Split: 1.67 seconds / Bench Press: 29 reps / Vertical Jump: 35.5 inches / Broad Jump: 124 inches / 3-Cone: 7.07 secondsCareer Stats:93 total tackles Malik Hooker Jersey White , 27.5 tackles for a loss, 20.5 sacks, and 3 forced fumblesOverview of Pick:Ford was one of the better pass rushers in the draft and solidified a spot in the first round with a strong Senior Bowl performance. Nolan Nawrocki of NFL.com stated that Ford has “very good acceleration and burst to beat blockers off the ball” along with having “outstanding energy and work ethic.” His major concerns were trouble disengaging from blockers, bend around the corner, and injury history. Ford was one of the better pass rushers in football last season and is looking to get a huge contract in free agency.Dadi Nicolas, DE, Virginia Tech (2016)— 6th RoundSize:6’3” 235 poundsMeasureables:40 Time: 4.74 seconds / 10-yard Split: 1.70 seconds / Bench Press: 14 reps / Vertical Jump: 41 inches / Broad Jump: 116 inches / 3-Cone: 7.04 secondsCareer Stats:165 total tackles, 35.5 tackles for a loss, 17 sacks, and 3 forced fumblesOverview of Pick:Nicolas was one of the twitchiest, most athletic pass rushers in the draft and he displayed that ability at the Senior Bowl in 2016. Lance Zielein of NFL.com talked about how he “has lightning quick inside moves,颅 including spin,颅 that can catch slow颅-footed tackles sleeping” and “plays with desired upfield burst.” His major concerns were lack of strength (especially in run defense) and inability to disengage from blockers. Nicolas was waived by multiple teams and is now a member of the Washington Redskins.Tarell Basham, DE, Ohio (2017)— 3rd RoundSize:6’4” 269 poundsMeasureables:40 Time: 4.70 seconds / 10-yard Split: 1.68 seconds / Bench Press: 15 reps / Vertical Jump: 31.5 inches / Broad Jump: 119 inches Career Stats:152 total tackles, 38.5 tackles for a loss, 27 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles.Overview of Pick:Basham was a productive, athletic small school player who performed well at the Senior Bowl. Lance Zierlein mentioned how Basham “shows flashes of explosive twitch in his attack upfield” and how he “plays with good short area burst to close out running backs and scrambling quarterbacks.” His major concerns coming out were lack of pass rush development and poor bend around the corner. The Basham pick did not work out as he was cut halfway through his sophomore season and claimed by the Jets.Kemoko Turay, DE, Rutgers (2018)— 2nd RoundSize:6’5” 253 poundsMeasureables:40 Time: 4.65 seconds / 10-yard Split: 1.62 seconds / Bench Press: 18 reps / Vertical Jump: 34 inches / Broad Jump: 119 inches / 3-Cone: 6.84 secondsCareer Stats:96 total tackles, 19 tackles for a loss Darius Leonard Jersey , 14.5 sacks, and 4 pass deflectionsOverview of Pick:Turay was perhaps the most athletic edge rusher in the draft and those traits were on display at the Senior Bowl. Lance Zierlein praised the type of athlete he is by stating that he “plays with good closing burst to the ball”, “moves easily and naturally in space”, and is “rangy with good pursuit motor.” His main issues were raw abilities as a pass rusher, struggles as a run defender, and injury concerns. Turay had a productive first half of his rookie season before injuries and playing time issues limited his second half production. Tyquan Lewis, DE, Ohio State (2018)— 2nd RoundSize:6’3” 269 poundsMeasureables (Pro Day):40 Time: 4.69 seconds / 10-yard Split: 1.57 seconds / Bench Press: N/A / Vertical Jump: 35.5 inches / Broad Jump: 127 inches / 3-Cone: 7.2 secondsCareer Stats:112 total tackles, 37 tackles for a loss, 23.5 sacks, and 5 forced fumblesOverview of Pick:Lewis was one of the most athletic defensive linemen in the draft and he destroyed the Senior Bowl. Lance Zierlein stated that Lewis has “knee bend (that) helps him flatten to the quarterback sharply once he gets around the edge” and “plays with good hand strength and quickness.” The main issues with his game were that he was not a “force against the run” and he was a bit inconsistent with his rushes on a play to play basis. He played very well in limited snaps in his rookie season with the Colts.Common TraitsHere are the common traits that can help us build a rough mold of what Ballard might look for in rookie defensive ends:Senior edge rusher— preferably players who played in the Senior BowlExcellent burst and explosion— every player had a 10 yard split under 1.7 secondsStrengths: Overall athleticism, great tackling, and burst Weaknesses: Run defense, bend, and raw pass rush move setMotor and tenacity— each player had a knack for playing until the whistleBonus-> Length as a rusher2019 Draft Players Who Fit1.) Charles Omenihu, DE, TexasSize:6’6” 275 poundsCareer Stats:115 total tackles, 30 tackles for a loss, 16.5 sacks, and 4 forced fumblesWhy He Fits:If any player fits the mold that Ballard likes in his defensive ends, its Charles Omenihu. Mostly a sub-rusher for Texas, Omenihu was very disruptive with a quick burst off of the line and a lengthy frame. He was a standout at the Senior Bowl where he put together a couple good practices. Omenihu also excels at tackling and has a relentless motor. His weaknesses are his lack of bend on the edge and inconsistent run defense. 2.) Montez Sweat Peyton Manning Jersey , DE, Mississippi StateSize:6’6” 252 poundsCareer Stats:105 total tackles, 30.5 tackles for a loss, 23.5 sacks, and 1 forced fumbleWhy He Fits:If Ballard decides to address defensive end in the first round, Sweat would be an excellent fit for what he looks for. The talk of the week at the Senior Bowl, Sweat was insanely hard to block due to his large frame and relentless play style. His other strengths include an excellent burst off of the line of scrimmage and a motor that never runs out. He is also pretty stout as a run defender for a player with his slimmer frame. His biggest weaknesses are his lack of bend around the corner and his occasional struggle to shed blocks. 3.) Chase Winovich, DE, MichiganSize:6’3” 255 poundsCareer Stats:166 total tackles, 43 tackles for a loss, 18.5 sacks, and 3 forced fumblesWhy He Fits:This may seem like an odd fit but I think Winovich makes a lot of sense with what Ballard likes in his players. Winovich was slated to appear in the Senior Bowl but had to withdraw due to an injury suffered in Michigan’s bowl game. His has strengths at the point of attack, above average athleticism, and relentless motor in both run and pass defense. His weaknesses are struggles with bend and shedding blocks. He was a two time Academic All-Big Ten honoree, recipient of team MVP honors in 2018, and was awarded his team’s first ever “Blue Collar Award.” Honorable Mentions:Jaylon Ferguson (LA Tech), Joe Jackson (Miami), Shareef Miller (Penn State)ConclusionWith GM Chris Ballard’s track record for drafting edge players, these prospects stand out as possible targets in the draft. He likes athletic players with great burstwho are a bit unrefined as pass rushers. He places a heavy emphasis on motor and effort while not worrying as much about bend or run defense.It is important to note that this analysis could be entirely wrong as it relies heavily on his time in Kansas City. It is entirely possible that Ballard disagreed with much of the decisions made during his time with the Chiefs’ organization. Ballard could take a bendy edge rusher in round one. Who knows? However, this series should give some kind of insight into who Chris Ballard may want to target based on his past.
  11. Despite rampant speculation that a deal is imminent Womens Joel Bitonio 2019 Jersey , NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala says talks may not be serious as fans want to believe."The NFL’s league year does not officially begin until March 13, but that hasn’t kept speculation in check about possible trades and free agent signings. Right in the center of that speculation vortex are the Cleveland Browns, whose frantic fans are convinced the team is on the cusp of trading for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., currently a member of the New York Giants.Browns fans, check out the Dawgs By Nature podcast.That speculation is fueled in part because of general manager John Dorsey, a renowned “aggressive” general manager who likes nothing more than a big trade. Things have heated up considerably the past couple of days as fans have frantically tried to decipher Twitter clues to determine just when - not if - the Browns will consummate the deal.NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala, who knows a thing or two about the league Orange Jim Brown Jersey , appeared on Cleveland radio station 92.3 The Fan on Thursday and threw some sobering news out about the rumored deal:In addition, Kinkhabwala revealed that the Giants “laughed” at Dorsey’s offer of right guard Kevin Zeitler, defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah and an additional unnamed player in exchange for Beckham, who in his five years with the Giants has averaged 78 receptions, 1,095 yards and 8.8 touchdowns per year, while making three Pro Bowls. (Sadly Jim Brown Jersey 2019 , she did not report if the Giants responded to the trade request with the use of emojis.)That doesn’t mean a deal is necessarily dead, but Browns fans may want to hold off on putting down that deposit on a Beckham jersey, at least for the moment. A person with knowledge of the conversation tells The Associated Press that the new Alliance of American Football spoke with Colin Kaepernick during its development about joining the league.But Kaepernick wanted $20 million or more to consider playing with the league that had its debut last weekend.The person spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday because neither side has publicly acknowledged such talks.The Alliance says its mission is to provide opportunities for players not in the NFL to continue their careers, with a possibility they could entice NFL teams to sign them once the AAF season concludes at the end of April. The league also approached Tim Tebow, who said he wanted to continue pursuing his baseball career. Tebow currently is in the New York Mets’ spring training camp.A message from the AP to Kaepernick’s representatives was not immediately answered.Kaepernick, then with the San Francisco 49ers, helped start a wave of protests about social and racial injustice in 2016 by kneeling during the national anthem at games. He has not played the last two seasons and has brought a lawsuit against the NFL for collusion to keep him out of the league.He also fits the description for potential Alliance players Cleveland Browns Andraez Williams Jersey , though his contract demands don’t fit with the league’s financial structure. After all, the AAF is entering its second weekend.Players earn $225,000 over three years in the Alliance, but they also are free beginning in May to pursue NFL careers. Should they not catch on there, they are obligated to return to the AAF next season.More than 80 percent of Alliance players spent some time in an NFL camp or on a roster. None is a star; the rare NFL first-round draft pick in the AAF is Birmingham running back Trent Richardson, who flamed out with the Browns and Colts, but who league co-founder Bill Polian Womens Andraez Williams 2019 Jersey , a Pro Football Hall of Fame executive, says could be “fast approaching” stardom in the Alliance after his strong debut.It’s uncertain if Kaepernick ever will play football again, but at his asking price, the only place would be the NFL.FOX Fantasy AutoForm a Racing Team, Compete for PrizesPlay Now!
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    The Saints are still pretty upset Alex Anzalone Jersey Stitched , understandably"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections InterviewsNew Orleans Saints SatireWho Dat HistoryCanal Street Chronicles TutorialFleur-de-Links, January 25: Benjamin Watson, Saints, call out Roger Goodell’s inactionNew,55commentsThe Saints are still pretty upset, understandablyCSTShareTweetShareShareFleur-de-Links, January 25: Benjamin Watson, Saints Youth Trey Hendrickson Jersey , call out Roger Goodell’s inactionMitch Stringer-USA TODAY SportsSaints News:Rams Vs Saints: Congressman Calls for NFL Commissioner to Testify in Front of Anti-trust Committee after No-callCongressman Cedric Richmond (D-La.) wants Roger Goodell to “answer some important questions” over the NFC Championship Game.'SAINTS GOT ROBBED' billboards pop up around Atlanta for the Super Bowl | wwltv.comLocal entrepreneur Matt Bowers said he just did what any New Orleanian would doNew Orleans Fan Calls Out NFL With Saints Billboards | TimeA diehard Saints fan decided to rent out billboards in Atlanta to voice his displeasure with New Orleans' NFC Championship loss.If there’s glory in anger, Saints fans found it | nola.comUsually I can’t condone sheer rage, but the weird ways we're coping sure are fun.Top 10 Salary Cap Hits Facing The 2019 New Orleans SaintsThe New Orleans Saints will look to become contenders again in 2019, and the front office will have some financial decisions to make when ti comes to how they attack the new league year with some of the contracts on the books.Saints' Mickey Loomis: Loss falls under category of 'life's not fair' - New Orleans Saints Blog- ESPNThe New Orleans GM acknowledges "the disappointment will never go away" for the team or the fan base following the no-call in the NFC title game.P.J. Williams of New Orleans Saints arrested on DWI chargeSaints CB P.J. Williams was arrested on a DWI charge after he was stopped by police for driving 80 mph in a 50 mph zone. He refused a breath test.Saints' Benjamin Watson rips Roger Goodell's no-call public silence -- 'Lead by example'Veteran Saints tight end Benjamin Watson implored NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to "lead by example" and address the officiating error that cost New Orleans a shot to reach the Super Bowl this past Sunday.NFL News:Senior Bowl notebook, Day 3: Deebo Samuel caps off great week - NFL.comMVP of Senior Bowl week? It might just be South Carolina WR Deebo Samuel, who stole the show again on Day 3 of practice. See who else shined on Thursday. Plus, perspective from Jon Gruden and more.Three former Georgia players named among NFL's best rookiesThe Bulldogs are once again showing out in the NFL.Dee Ford on franchise tag: 'If it happens, it happens' - NFL.comChiefs LB Dee Ford could have his fair share of suitors if he makes it to free agency. But there's always the chance Kansas City re-signs him or franchises him. Ford said he wouldn't mind the latter.Brandin Cooks purposely dropped pass before GW FG - NFL.comIn Los Angeles' NFC Championship Game triumph Trey Hendrickson Jersey Stitched , Brandin Cooks played a pivotal role, catching a team-high seven balls for 107 yards. But perhaps Cooks' most important contribution was a dropped pass.Sean McVay, youngest to coach in Super Bowl, turns 33 - NFL.comHappy birthday, Sean McVay. The Rams coach turns 33 today, making him the youngest to ever guide a team to a Super Bowl. Let's take a look at some age-related discrepancies ahead of Super Bowl LIII.Meet the NFL’s first male cheerleaders to make it to the Super BowlQuinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies made history last year when they joined the LA Rams squad, and will do so again at Super Bowl 53 in Mercedes-Benz Stadium on February 3.Ultimate NFL historian shares stories of 42 years at Hall of FameFrom Peyton Manning artifacts to the Madden Cruiser, Joe Horrigan has had a front-row seat to NFL history.Bill Belichick praises 'explosive' Rams specialists - NFL.comIf America learned one thing from the NFC title game Youth Sheldon Rankins Jersey , it's that the Rams' punt team cannot be trusted. Bill Belichick is aware of L.A.'s threat in the third phase of the game -- and is prepared.Lessons From the Season and the Ringer’s 2019 NFL Draft Guide - The RingerWith the Super Bowl a week away, the guys reflect on the lessons they’ve learned from the 2019 seasonNick Foles' next NFL team? Five potential landing spots - NFL.comThe Philadelphia Eagles have made it clear that Carson Wentz is their quarterback going forward. So, where will Nick Foles play next season? Gregg Rosenthal provides five potential landing spots.Overhaul the NFL's Pro Bowl selection process? Don't count on it - NFL Nation- ESPNThe NFL has improved the event but isn't revamping a glaring concern, and the central focus of the game: getting the best players there.DeMarcus Lawrence aims to be in Dallas 'long-term' - NFL.comDeMarcus Lawrence makes it clear that he wants a long-term contract with the Cowboys and is waiting to hear from Dallas executive vice president Stephen Jones.Super Bowl 2019: Tom Brady’s absurd NFL career in 7 lesser-known stats - SBNation.comBrady’s 40th (40th!) playoff game will come in his ninth (ninth!) Super Bowl.James Develin is the most important back in Super Bowl LIII - NFL.comWho is the most important back in Super Bowl LIII? Todd Gurley? Nope. Sony Michel? Try again. Our resident backfield expert, Maurice Jones-Drew, spotlights a fullback who has changed one team's offense.Jets' Jamal Adams says NFL told him he put Patriots mascot in hospital with hit | NFL | Sporting NewsNFL says concussions down 23.8 percent last seasonThe NFL says the number of concussion in practices and games dropped significantly in 2018.Social Media: NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A defense attorney for the man convicted of killing retired New Orleans Saints star Will Smith in 2016 has told a Louisiana appellate court that his client deserves a new trial, in part because of evidence that surfaced after trial that he said lends credibility to Cardell Hayes’ self-defense assertion.Hayes’ appeal attorney, Paul Barker Sheldon Rankins Jersey Stitched , told three 4th Circuit Court of Appeal judges Wednesday that New Orleans prosecutors failed to disprove that Hayes acted in self-defense. Hayes is serving a 25-year sentence for manslaughter in Smith’s death and attempted manslaughter in the wounding of Smith’s wife during a confrontation following a traffic collision in April 2016.Hayes insisted at trial that he fired after a drunk, angry Smith retrieved a gun from his car and fired first.Barker said none of a host of witnesses had a clear view of everything that happened amid the tumult following the accident in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District.Assistant District Attorney Kyle Daly countered that Hayes was alone among witnesses in saying Smith brandished a gun or fired it. A semi-automatic handgun was found loaded but unused in Smith’s car. And while Barker said gunfire residue on Smith’s body raises doubt that he never fired, Daly said it was consistent with being shot at close-range with a larger weapon.It was unclear when the three-judge appellate panel would rule.Barker argued that trial judge Camille Buras should have granted a new trial because a witness who contacted the defense a day after Hayes’ conviction said he had heard two gun fire from two weapons at the time of the shooting.The witness, military veteran Michael Burnside, delivered rambling and at times profane testimony at a post-trial hearing last year. Daly argued that he wasn’t credible. Burnside lived blocks from the shooting scene and, Daly argued, his testimony indicated a series of shots fired at a slower rate than the rapid-fire shooting Hayes had described.Parker also contends the trial judge should have allowed testimony about Smith’s 2010 arrest on a domestic abuse charge after former Saint Deuce McAllister spoke of Smith’s sterling reputation among his teammates and friends.Smith was arrested outside a southwest Louisiana bar in 2011 on misdemeanor charges of domestic abuse battery and public intoxication. Lafayette Parish prosecutors dropped the charges in 2012 after Smith completed community service and participated in counseling.Daly argued that Buras was right to avoid what would have amounted to a “mini-trial on the Lafayette incident.”Smith, a 34-year-old father of three Youth Vonn Bell Jersey , was a defensive leader on the Saints team that lifted spirits in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. He helped carry the team to a winning season in 2006 and a Super Bowl victory four years later.Hayes was 29 when he was convicted in December 2016. He owned a tow-truck business, had played semi-pro football and is the father of a young son.
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    The NFL's revision of the catch rule figured to grab the spotlight this season.Then the league altered the regulations on using the helmet when making contact on both sides of the ball Youth Jay Novacek Jersey , basically making it a 15-yard penalty no matter where on the helmet strikes an opponent. Even players on offense and linemen in the trenches are subject to being flagged, with potential fines and ejections for particularly flagrant hits by lowering the helmet.Players are upset. Officials are deeper under the microscope. Fans are wondering why replay review isn't part of the entire process.Suddenly, the Dez Bryant and Jesse James non-catches are non-issues. It's all about the helmet hits, which unquestionably need to be removed from the game in a similar way that tacklers launching to make hits pretty much has been eliminated in the pros.Here's where things stand from a variety of constituencies as we head toward the kickoff of the 2018 schedule:THE LEAGUENFL executives were encouraged that the flags thrown for helmet-initiated hits dropped from 51 through the opening two weeks of the preseason to nine for Week 3 — when many regulars get on the field, though in a limited capacity. Officials have been instructed not to flag incidental or inadvertent contacts with the helmet or facemask by defensive or offensive players. The deeper we get into games that count, the better those with the whistle or ball in their hands or the guys attempting tackles will have a handle on what's legal."These are necessary changes where the rules come in," says Troy Vincent, the NFL's football operations chief and one of the hardest hitters in the league when he played defensive back from 1992-2006. "As stewards for the long term, the well-being of the players comes first."Adds Giants owner John Mara, a long-time member of the competition committee that advises rules changes for teams to vote on:"I think officials and players will adapt to the rule, that is what happens every time we have a change based on player safety. There's an outcry at the beginning that it will change the game, and it never works out that way; statistics don't bear that out at all. Players should not lower their heads is what it is all about, and we should not have some of the injuries we have seen."THE OFFICIALSThe rule change has placed the men in stripes in even sharper focus. Simply put, at the current speed of play and with the size and power of players, any call is difficult. Now, a bit more judgment has been added, with decisions made in split seconds."It's still a work in progress because officials need to learn to instinctively read and react to this type of hit that they've never looked at before as a foul," says recently retired referee Terry McAulay, now an analyst for NBC. "So there is going to be some learning curve yet to come, but I think they're in a much better place than they were a week ago."One somewhat puzzling question remains: Why isn't video replay involved when some of these calls, especially if they lead to ejections, can be game changers?Well, it actually is, on a limited basis. Should a player be ejected for initiating helmet contact, Al Riveron and his staff at New York headquarters can affirm or overrule the ejection."Our charge is, No. 1 player safety: Make it safer in all ways," Riveron says. "No. 2, make sure we still have a product that is entertaining. And No. 3, find a happy balance with replay and how much it gets involved. We always stop the game to get it right."Mara believes replay could play a further role if officiating the rule becomes too problematic."I certainly think are a lot of people who would support adding those calls to instant replay and making them reviewable," he says, "and I think that's another discussion we could have in the offseason if it is warranted."THE DOCTORS AND RESEARCHERSThousands of hours and millions of dollars of data gathering, research, technological innovations and testing helped lead to the new rule. Every penny will have been well spent if usage of the helmet as a weapon disappears."It's an offshoot of all that work," says Jeff Miller, the league's executive vice president of health and safety initiatives, whose department works with medical professionals Jay Novacek Jersey Stitched , researchers and equipment manufacturers. "An identification of what causes concussions and why there was a troubling increase in them."We see patterns, the increased velocity of the hits, the positioning of the head and neck ... that increase in force and magnitude of a hit, and not just with the crown of the helmet."Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL's medical director, believes all the data helped construct a comprehensive story that required immediate action."Everything we saw said we must act on this," Sills says of the injury rate for helmet-first hits. "There was a sense of urgency when the data was so compelling to do something now on this."THE COACHESFor decades, the head was taught to be part of the tackling process. That has changed 180 degrees — at least in the NFL — as the consequences of that technique became so clearly grim and far-reaching.NFL coaches — yes, even those who don't win with regularity — are the elite of the profession. Still, changing a culture that was part of football for so long, and might still be at lower levels of the sport, is challenging.Throw in that some coaches were caught by surprise by the wide-ranging change, and others aren't truly certain when flags will fly, and there's concern on every NFL sideline.New Titans coach Mike Vrabel, a Super Bowl-winning linebacker, narrated a league-distributed video on tackles that are kosher and which are outlawed. Yet his team was among the most penalized early in the preseason."It's frustrating because I'm not doing a good enough job explaining to them what they're calling," Vrabel said during training camp. "I think they look at me like I'm nuts when I say, 'This is what they're looking for. This is what they're calling.'"We just really have to start watching. The helmet thing extends drives. Penalties are going to lead to scoring opportunities; 15 yards is an explosive gain. ... To continue to give them the 15-yard penalties is frustrating because I have to do a better job of making sure these guys aren't using the top of the helmet."Another worry among coaches is whether the calls on offensive players will be equitable to those on defenders. Former Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, now a CBS analyst, recalled seeing three flags thrown on the defense for helmet-first hits when it was obvious to him that the ball carrier initiated the contact."It's a great rule," he says. "They just have to not over-officiate it. They shouldn't use the posture of getting in a protective position by the running back before he gets tackled, yet he's the one making contact with the helmet."THE PLAYERSUltimately, as anyone involved in any sport will say, the players have to make the plays. And make sure they are permissible plays.It's not going to be easy at first. According to 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, it won't be easy ever.Or fair."It's an idiotic rule, so there's no need to go down that road," Sherman says. "There's no way you can tackle and play football. I could tackle like that if I was standing still, got on my knees, no one was moving and I was tackling bags or something. But to ask you to do that at full speed?"Adds Texans safety Tyrann Mathieu: "It's going to be extremely difficult. Obviously, guys are trying to take the initiative to really go about it the right way, but sometimes it's like, what do you expect a guy to do? Hopefully, we'll get it corrected and like I said, hopefully it doesn't take too much money from the guys."I just don't know when it's a foul, when it's clean. I have no idea." The Dallas Cowboys have several big contracts to pay out soon, so it’s important to save as much money as they can. Is it possible they release any of these veteran players who are in line for a reduced role for the 2019 season?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Dallas Cowboys NewsDallas Cowboys GeneralThe Cowboys can save over $30 million by releasing four veterans in line for a reduced role in 2019New Youth Michael Irvin Jersey ,199commentsThe team has improved so much that these notable cap hits might not play as much as they once did.CDTShareTweetShareShareThe Cowboys can save over $30 million by releasing four veterans in line for a reduced role in 2019Jerome Miron-USA TODAY SportsThis offseason has produced endless conversations about what players the Dallas Cowboys should extend. With several players nearing the end of their contracts, the front office will have some difficult decisions. The team isn’t in the business of letting great players get away, and they demonstrated that by making DeMarcus Lawrence the highest paid player in Cowboys history. Retaining their top talent is priority one, but the expression, “you can’t pay everyone” surfaces quite a bit. While there is truth to that statement, what the Cowboys can do is pay everyone they want to pay. If a player like DeMarco Murray, Ron Leary, Anthony Hitchens, or Cole Beasley isn’t re-signed it’s because the front office doesn’t feel they are worth the money they got in free agency. If they did, they would still be Cowboys. The team’s ability to lay off of overpaying for players is one of the reasons they’ve done a complete 180 in terms of cap space. The front office avoids overspending in free agency on a regular basis and all this financial responsibility has set them up nicely for the future. That’s gotta feel good.But not everyone the Cowboys have under contract are players the team is getting a good return on their investment. And while they’ve done a good job extricating several bad contracts, some still linger around. In some cases, the team has had to just bite the bullet because of the lack of other options on the roster, but things are a little different now. The team has great depth.An early look at the players fighting for roster spots has about 60 players who could conceivably make the team.There are likely other names not listed here that will find their way on the final roster come September. When you start cutting down the players, it’s easy to see that it’s going to eventually cut deep enough where several good players are not going to make the team. Deciding who’s going to be cut is going to be difficult.Some of these players are set in stone. The star players and the young, premium draft investments who are expected to be a part of their future - they’re not going anywhere. But what about some of the more expensive veterans who will be sharing reps? Just how important are these players? If the team has enough depth at a certain position to where they are not logging a lot of snaps, does it really make sense to take on a more expensive cap hit? For example - Tyrone Crawford, Sean Lee, Allen Hurns, Jason Witten can combine for a total savings of $30.25 million.Clearly, the Cowboys aren’t going to cut all these players, and they may end up not cutting any of them, but man - that’s a lot of extra cash. They are all ‘right-kind-of-guys’ in their finest form, but they will not come close to contributing enough to warrant that cost. Let’s examine each player to see what makes the most sense.Tyrone CrawfordFor years Crawford has been one of the team’s most underrated players. He gets a lot of criticism for not producing at a level indicative of his contract, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a strong contributor. Crawford has battled injuries, yet still finds his way on the field, proving to be very reliable. Even more helpful is his ability to play inside and out, allowing the team to fill voids along the defensive line over the years.While the Cowboys’ needs at certain spots on the defensive line has always put Crawford in high demand, the gradual increase in depth now makes him less valuable. He’s not starting on the edge over Robert Quinn. The team also has a slew of youngsters they’d like to get some reps eventually. And who knows what’s going to happen this year with Gregory? It’s very possible that Crawford isn’t going to see much action at defensive end this season.So, just move him inside, right? Except the team now has both Maliek Collins and rookie Trysten Hill vying for reps at the 3-tech spot. How’s that going to work? And it’s not like they can just move Collins to 1-tech to open up more reps because Antwaun Woods and new free agent Christian Covington are already fighting for snaps there.The defensive line is a crowded group. Crawford is certainly up there on the depth chart, but the guys right below him aren’t far behind. In fact, it’s up for debate as to how the reps should be distributed. His reps could see a notable dip which isn’t what you’d want to see from one of the higher-paid players on the team. Would it be financially feasible to continue to shell out that kind of cash for a reduced workload? Here is a breakdown of his contract situation (numbers courtesy of spotrac.com):The team could save a total of $15 million if they were to release him. Most people would want to keep Crawford on this team for depth, but when you think about how much better use the team could get from all that money, it makes you wonder just how valuable Crawford is to the team.Bottom line: Crawford is not going anywhere, and keeping him around allows them the luxury of revisiting the defensive line situation a year from now. With so much uncertainty going on with this group, the team can’t risk weakening an area they’ve worked too hard to build up.Allen HurnsLast week Michael Irvin Jersey Stitched , we discussed how a deep wide receiving group could push Hurns off the roster. Looking at the roster above, there are seven receivers fighting for spots and that doesn’t even included undrafted free agents like Jon’Vea Johnson and Jalen Guyton, who shouldn’t be written off as having no chance to make the team. Who really knows how this wide receiver group is going to shape out?What we do know though is that Hurns is the second-highest cap hit of all the wide receivers. The team could save $5 million by cutting him, which puts him at a disadvantage when it comes time to round out this roster. When you look at all the depth within this position group, it’s hard enough to make the squad, but when you carry one of the biggest cap burdens - that makes it even worse.But Hurns is here and he’ll have a chance to compete. Not only is he going to have to impress, it might take an injury to one of the guys ahead of him to secure a roster spot. And that’s not unimaginable as both Randall Cobb and Tavon Austin have trouble staying healthy. This could open the door just enough to keep Hurns in a Cowboys uniform for one more season.Bottom line: It’s not looking good for him. He needs some things to work in his favor to avoid being a cap casualty come September.Sean LeeJust yesterday, we examined how important Sean Lee is to the team. It’s tough to imagine how things will play out, but we gave it a try and came up with three possible scenarios for Lee next season. Ultimately, what he shows in camp has the most influence on how to proceed with him going forward. If he suffers some type of injury setback, which let’s face it - isn’t unrealistic, that could be a deal breaker because his only value to the team is what he can produce this upcoming season.Lee unselfishly reworked his deal to go from a $10 million cap hit to $6 million, and that certainly makes a difference as he would’ve inevitably been a cap casualty had he not done that. For Lee, it’s not about the money. He’s always expressed how the Jones’ family has been very generous to him and he’s not lying. Lee has taken home over $42 million over his career so far, which seems pretty fair considering how much time he’s missed. For Lee, he just wants to be a part of the team and while a reduced cost helps his chances, there are no guarantees. Bottom line: This is a wait and see situation. If he can stay healthy and flashes some of the old Lee, he’s a no-brainer keeper. But if when he goes down, that’s when things get dicey.Jason WittenWhy is his name listed in this group? Who in their right mind would even consider playing without the legendary Jason Witten? When the Cowboys veteran tight end made the decision to return, most fans welcomed him back with open arms. Sure, he’s 37 and for a lot of football players - that’s old. Every year, he’s been projected to fizzle out as age gets the better of him, yet every year he keeps rolling along.His numbers have shown a decline as his targets, receptions, and yards have all dropped since 2015.But so have his expectations. For Witten, it’s not about volume numbers to help you win your fantasy league, but rather his well-timed, chain-moving catches that help his team. He’s been a dependable target for Dak Prescott since the young quarterback entered the league. His precision route-running and attention to detail will help mask the unimpressive athletic ability that he never had in the first place. He’s still 6’6” and 260 lbs. as that hasn’t changed. He’s extremely durable as hasn’t missed a game since The Lord of the Rings won best picture back in 2004. And he’s still clever. In fact, that part gets better with age.The Cowboys will tell you that he’ll see a reduction in workload and fans are hoping that holds true. Many of us want to see Blake Jarwin take off and Dalton Schultz build on a solid rookie season. Let the young guys get their chance, with a little Witten sprinkled in here and there. The problem is - unless the time off slows him down, Witten’s going to keep doing Witten things, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.Bottom line: Of this group, not only does cutting Witten save the Cowboys the least amount of money, but he’ll probably log the most playing time as well. Even if he does slow down, that’s still good value. Witten stays. Can you see the Cowboys moving on from any of these players?
  15. Pierre Desir Jersey Stitched

    The Indianapolis Colts haven’t necessarily landed that ‘big name’ free agent yet (unless you’ve always been a big Devin Funchess fan) Youth Nate Hairston Jersey , but it’s possible they still could as former Kansas City..."The Indianapolis Colts haven’t necessarily landed that ‘big name’ free agent yet (unless you’ve always been a big Devin Funchess fan), but it’s possible they still could as former Kansas City Chiefs pass rusher Justin Houston remains on the open market. The 1x First-Team All-Pro and 4x Pro Bowler isn’t just a big name, as he still has plenty of game left in the tank finishing last season with 9.0 sacks, as well as 37 tackles, 5 forced fumbles, and an interception in 12 starts for the Chiefs defense. Per Pro Football Focus (subscription), the 9-year veteran earned a +89.8 pass rushing grade, which ranked the 4th best among edge defenders. Of course, Colts general manager Chris Ballard already has a great familiarity with Houston and can certainly vouch for what the veteran can bring to any locker room—having previously served as a Kansas City Chiefs football operations executive.The Colts defense could also use the pass rushing help. Matt Eberflus’ defense finished 19th with 38.0 sacks last season and for all of the impressive speed and mad hornet-like “swarming” often showcased by his defense Nate Hairston Jersey Stitched , it’s still a unit that struggled generating pass pressure at times. In a conference where the Colts are likely going to have to go through either Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes to reach the Super Bowl—maybe both, that can be problematic. At 30 years old, Justin Houston likely isn’t what he once was, having had a whopping 22.0 sacks in 2014, but he still can be a highly valuable veteran rotational pass rusher for any NFL team. No, he’s not Von Miller these days, but then again, he wouldn’t be available if he was, and the Colts certainly won’t have to pay him like he is. Given his age Youth Pierre Desir Jersey , it’s only logical that he could be had on a possible 2-3 year deal, which should be right up Chris Ballard’s alley in terms of his preference structuring contracts. The Colts young GM’s ‘sweet spot’ appears to be offering deals that essentially only have 2 years of significant cap ramifications with then easy exits—if needed. On a young pass rushing corps that includes Kemoko Turay, Tyquan Lewis, and very likely an early round rookie(s) come April, it’s possible the battle-tested veteran Houston could show them a thing or two with 78.5 career sacks (and counting). In today’s passing league, a team can never have enough impact pass rushers, and they’re always held at a premium. Houston is very much still that. Yes, he’s 30 years old, but Colts fans shouldn’t be having flashbacks to former veteran pass rusher Trent Cole Pierre Desir Jersey Stitched , who was 33 when Indianapolis signed him and largely a disappointment—having only 5.0 sacks combined in two seasons (2015-16). In comparison, Houston has a few years of youth in his favor and seemingly much more ‘juice’ left than Cole, who appeared to be running on fumes when he ended his career in Indianapolis. Just ask Andrew Luck, as Houston took him down twice in the Colts AFC Divisional Round loss to the Kansas City Chiefs this past January. In fact, Houston’s 9.0 sacks last season would’ve tied the Colts team leader Denico Autry. How’s that for ‘old age’? Let’s skip the formalities folks, signing the veteran sackmaster just seems shrewd for the Colts. Colts Draft 2019: Best Available Day 2 OptionsWho are some of the top options still available to the Indianapolis Colts in the second and third rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft on Friday?How the..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteStampede Bluean Indianapolis Colts communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsColtsShopAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Colts StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Colts NewsYahoo Colts Team PageYahoo Colts ReportYahoo Colts Depth ChartYahoo Colts TransactionsYahoo Colts PhotosShop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Filed under:NFL DraftStampede Blue Colts LinksColts News: Best available Day 2 options for ColtsNew,8commentsEDTShareTweetShareShareColts News: Best available Day 2 options for ColtsChristopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsColts Draft 2019: Best Available Day 2 OptionsWho are some of the top options still available to the Indianapolis Colts in the second and third rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft on Friday?How the Colts’ 2018 draft influenced their Round 1 trade – The AthleticThe Colts opted out of the first round Thursday and their first selection of Day 2 of the draft might be on the table.Top Takeaways: Chris Ballard On Trading BackIndianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard talked to reporters after the conclusion of Thursday’s first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, in which the Colts decided to trade back out of the first round. What were the top takeaways from the session?Chris Ballard Recaps Round 1 of the 2019 NFL DraftColts General Manager Chris Ballard addresses the media after the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.Colts Trade Out Of First-Round Of Draft With Washington Redskins | 1070 the FanWith the 26th pick in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Colts decided to trade their pick to the Washington Redskins. What did the Colts get in return?Chris Ballard ‘had feeling’ trade-back would be Colts’ best option | FOX59INDIANAPOLIS Peyton Manning Jersey White , Ind. – Chris Ballard saw this coming. Seriously. He envisioned the precise scenario that unfolded late Thursday: biding his time with the 26th overall pick in the NFL Draft and wondering if a coveted player might fall into his hands, but firmly believing the best course of action ...Colts deal out of first round, could move down again Friday | Sports | heraldbulletin.comChris Ballard telegraphed his move first during the NFL Scouting Combine in February and again Monday when he met the local media for his predraft news conference.2019 NFL Draft: Indianapolis Colts ruin our fun by trading first-round pick to WashingtonIndianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard knows what he's doing, trading out of first round to acquire additional picks, but it sure ruined Thursday night.
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    Browns notes from Hue Jackson Nate Orchard Jersey Stitched , John Dorsey pre-camp presser With training camp set to officially open on Thursday, Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson and general manager John Dorsey were live in Berea on Wednesday, answering any and all questions the media had heading into this year’s sessions. With Jackson humorously dressed in sweatshirt-Dorsey attire, let’s recap some of the big takeaways from press conference.WR Situation - Looking at Dez Bryant, Josh Gordon’s StatusThe Browns will be down another wide receiver at the start of camp, as WR Ricardo Louis is out for the season with a neck injury. Cleveland is also using the “Did Not Report” label on WR Josh Gordon to help open a second roster spot (at least temporarily).Dorsey wants to respect Gordon’s privacy and the team supports him through this time. He does not have clarity as to when Gordon will be back, other than they expect him to be back at some point for the 2018 season. They feel he is 100% committed to the Browns and they are 100% committed to him as well.Hue Jackson has not had the chance to speak with Gordon since the news. Dorsey was asked if he knows what Gordon’s statement meant when he said he would be back “soon.” Cleveland has talked with Dez Bryant, and they will think about the receiver position in the coming days. However, he also cautioned not to read too much into that specifically, since they have talked to a lot of players. While Gordon is out, Corey Coleman will slide into the starting lineup to begin training camp.WR Eli Rogers has re-signed with the Steelers. Cleveland will be working out some receivers in the coming days.Staying Confident in QB Tyrod TaylorDespite the praise both Jackson and Dorsey had for rookie QB Baker Mayfield, both were clear that this is Tyrod Taylor’s team.Jackson did not want to discuss whether Mayfield will be the No. 2 or No. 3 quarterback to begin camp; instead, he just kept stressing that Mayfield will get the amount of reps he needs. Here is what Jackson said about Taylor being the No. 1 quarterback in camp:Hue Jackson’s Different Role in 2018 as Head CoachEven though Hue Jackson is still the head coach Desmond Harrison Jersey Stitched , now entering year three with the Browns, his role has very much changed into this year’s camp. He now compares himself to a CEO who is overseeing the operation. In my opinion, this was 100% necessary and the only way to justify keeping Jackson for a third season — to see if he could thrive in such a role.Other NotesShon Coleman will be the first player to get a shot at left tackle.Jamie Collins, Mychal Kendricks, and Antonio Callaway are ready to go for camp.Asked why the secondary was revamped so much, Dorsey said, “After you sit and listen to the head coach talk about what he thinks we need, and then you talk to the defensive coordinator and see what he thinks he needs at that time – it was obvious that we needed some players here and that is why we went down the path we did.”Ricardo Louis’ neck injury happened late last season and required surgery. Sam Darnold and the New York Jets were back on the practice field after some time away.Time enough to mostly clear their heads of the miserable 21-17 loss at Cleveland last Thursday , not that the sting was easy to brush off in the few days since."Yeah, they've been pretty hard," rookie quarterback Sam Darnold acknowledged Monday. "I'm not going to lie to you guys."New York is 1-2 after playing three games in 11 days and riding a roller coaster of emotions during that brief span. From the highs of a dominant victory at Detroit in the opener to the uneasiness of a loss to AFC East-rival Miami at home six days later to the frustration and disappointment of being the first team to lose to the Browns since 2016.Now comes the big test for not just Darnold, but the rest of the Jets 鈥?including Todd Bowles and his coaching staff. With a game at Jacksonville on tap next, New York needs to rebound from the defeat in Cleveland to prevent the season from spiraling."I don't think it's going to be tough at all Youth E.J. Gaines Jersey ," Bowles insisted. "It's a long season, we understand that. If we would have won, we would have moved past it. We lost the game, we're going to move past it."All eyes will be on Darnold, of course, as they have been from the moment he became the future 鈥?and now, present 鈥?of the franchise.The 21-year-old rookie is supremely confident in himself, and has been lauded throughout his playing career for his ability to focus on the task at hand and not repeat mistakes. The Jaguars will surely be aiming to make Darnold uncomfortable on Sunday and force him into errors."Yeah, Jacksonville is a great defense," Darnold said. "Obviously, they've got great players, but they also just play together very well. That's what I noticed and that's going to be a fun challenge going up against them in their place."Bowles, for one Youth Tyrod Taylor Jersey , isn't concerned about Darnold shaking off his play 鈥?one touchdown, four interceptions 鈥?in New York's two losses."I think he'll come out of it fine," Bowles said. "I think Sam has the right mentality and he has the right work ethic to learn what he has done wrong, as well as the rest of the team. They come back out of it, and he's not in it by himself. We are in it as a team."And that's why the heat has been turned up a bit under Bowles, who's in his fourth season with the Jets and has a 21-30 record with no playoff appearances.Owner Christopher Johnson has said there is no postseason mandate for Bowles or general manager Mike Maccagnan. His main priority is seeing overall progress from the team, which makes this a critical stretch for the coach.An ugly loss such as the one against the Browns can send some teams into a freefall. From the sense he got with his players at practice, Bowles believes there will be no lingering effects."We don't carry anything too long," he said. "We have practice to get better at, and we have Jacksonville to get ready for, so we're on to the next one."Cornerback Trumaine Johnson, in his first season with the Jets after four with the Rams, echoed his coach's sentiments."We can't dwell on that loss Tyrod Taylor Jersey Stitched ," he said. "We've got 13, 14 more games in the season and hopefully the playoffs. Just move on from it."But, they also hope to learn from it, too. And fix the mistakes that put the Jets in this position in the first place."Yeah we could have coached better and we could have played better," Bowles said of blowing 14-3 and 17-14 leads in the second half. "All the way around on both sides of the ball, including special teams, we just couldn't make a play. There were a lot of things we could have done better that have hurt us in the past two or three weeks that we are going to try and work on."We understand that we need to do a better job on both sides."NOTES: The Daily News reported that the Jets have reached out to the Steelers to inquire about disgruntled running back Le'Veon Bell, but there's nothing imminent, according to several published reports. ESPN reported Sunday that Pittsburgh is willing to trade Bell, who has yet to play this season while in a contract dispute. ... Bowles is hopeful S Marcus Maye will be closer to playing this week. The second-year safety has been sidelined the first three games with a foot injury.
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  20. The Baltimore Ravens are playing team defense so well Youth Michael Hoomanawanui Jersey , it's almost impossible to pick the best of the bunch.Eight different players had a least one of Baltimore's team-record 11 sacks on Sunday in Tennessee. Za'Darius Smith had three, Patrick Onwuasor rang up his first two of the season and Terrell Suggs , the team career leader in sacks, was among a half-dozen Ravens to take down Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota once."We bring a lot of pressure. We bring different people from different places," coach John Harbaugh said Monday. "Everybody can blitz on our defense. When you do that, a lot of times you're going to have all the rush lanes filled up, and it just kind of ends up being who gets there. Sometimes, the guy with the best rush doesn't get the sack."And sometimes, an opposing quarterback may have no option but to hit the turf when none of his receivers are open. That was the situation Mariota faced quite often in Baltimore's 21-0 victory.After looking at film of the game, Harbaugh said, "We had really good coverage. There are a lot of times you'd stop the tape and say, 'If you were the quarterback, where would you go with the ball?' Really, most of the time there was nowhere to go."Suggs, safety Eric Weddle and middle linebacker C.J. Mosley have more than a dozen Pro Bowl appearances between them. This Baltimore defense is getting consistent contributions from several players 鈥?and the results have been impressive.Baltimore (4-2) is allowing an NFL-low 12.8 points per game and has yielded a total of 15 points after halftime (including three in overtime). The Ravens are the only team in the NFL that has not given up a touchdown in the second half."It's definitely something that they're aware of, but not talking about Michael Hoomanawanui Jersey Stitched ," Harbaugh said of his defense.Much of the credit goes to first-year defensive coordinator Don Martindale, formerly the team's linebackers coach. Martindale loves to bring the pressure, which is easy to do if the backfield takes care of business.That is precisely how it played out on a soggy afternoon in Tennessee."We were just a step ahead of them with what they were doing," Weddle said. "Early on we felt like our pass rush was getting home, and if we could cover on the back end it would really make things cloudy and not clear for Mariota."The shutout marked the end of a three-game road trip that began with a victory in Pittsburgh and an overtime loss in Cleveland. Now, with four of the next five at home, Baltimore is in position to make a move, beginning Sunday against the New Orleans Saints (4-1)."In the NFL, you need to stack wins. You need to find a way to get on a roll," Harbaugh said. "If we can stack a win on top of (Sunday's in Tennessee), then it really starts to mean something. But it's a huge challenge, whether you're on the road or at home, playing against the Saints."The last time the Ravens were 4-2 was 2014, which is also the last time they reached the playoffs."We're in a good place," Harbaugh said. "Not as good as we could be, but you can't look back and lament that. We're happy to be where we're at. We've got to make the most of it."Offensive lineman Alex Lewis Youth Josh Hill Jersey , who was carted off the field in the fourth quarter and taken to a hospital with an apparent neck injury, appears to have recovered."It looks good," Harbaugh said. "There's no serious kind of injury there in terms of neuro-type issues. He's possible for this week as far as I know right now. We'll have to see as the week progresses and see how he comes along. That could change." METAIRIE, La. (AP) — The New Orleans Saints are closer to getting back their second-highest-paid offensive player as they try to rebound from a first loss in more than two months — and lock down a playoff berth.Starting left tackle Terron Armstead returned to practice Wednesday, marking his first time in pads since his pectoral injury at Cincinnati in Week 10. The injury cost Armstead three games, including New Orleans’ loss last Thursday night in Dallas, when the Cowboys’ defensive line consistently pressured quarterback Drew Brees and limited the Saints’ ground game to 65 yards — the fewest since Week 2.“He’s a difference maker for sure and big confidence when he’s there on the left side,” Brees said of Armstead, who has been a starter since late in his rookie season in 2013, but who also has been beset by various injuries much of his career.Armstead, listed as “limited” on the club’s practice report Wednesday, said his recovery has been “going pretty well” and that he might be ready to play Sunday against Tampa Bay.“Time away, that’s never great. You get in a rhythm so much with your guys up front — my technique, my timing — so that will be a learning curve and adjustment,” Armstead said, adding he at least hopes the rest of his body benefited from recent rest as high-stakes games approach.“I’ve been battling injuries for a long time Josh Hill Jersey Stitched , so definitely hard to find positives in an injury for me,” Armstead said. “But just thinking of it … my body definitely has some things, some bumps and bruises, and I took the time and benefited off of it for sure. But I would much rather have been playing.”Right guard Larry Warford said Armstead’s return to practice was good for morale, even if it’s not yet clear when he’ll be ready.“I’m just happy that it seems that he’s making progress,” Warford said. “He’s one of the best, if not the best, left tackle in the league. Unfortunately, he’s had injuries hinder him throughout his career.”The Saints would win the NFC South with one more victory, or a loss by Carolina, who New Orleans plays twice in the final three weeks of the regular season. Whether the Saints remain in contention for one of the coveted top two seeds in the conference and receive a first-round bye, depends on how they respond to their first loss since Week 1.In New Orleans’ locker room, players predicted that the 13-10 loss in Dallas, which halted a 10-game winning streak, was more likely a brief stumble than the beginning of a slump.“Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war and you learn a lot from something like that,” Brees said. “I just think we had a bad day. You turn on the film and it’s glaringly obvious where we failed and we have to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”On New Orleans’ defense Youth Terron Armstead Jersey , confidence is surging after a seven-sack, two-takeaway performance in Dallas that also marked the fourth straight game holding an opponent to 17 or fewer points.Against the Cowboys, the Saints’ normally prolific offense was the unit which struggled most. But since offense-minded coach Sean Payton and Brees joined forces in New Orleans in 2006, that side of the ball rarely has stagnated for more than a rare game.Brees said the opportunity to clinch the NFC South for the second straight year is “significant,” and would be a “first step” toward more lofty postseason goals. He said the Saints’ commanding four-game lead in the division with four games left speaks to the quality of football they played during their winning streak, when they became the only team to beat the Los Angeles Rams and won several other games by wide margins.“That was a great run. We gained a ton of confidence, a ton of momentum,” Brees said. “We had a ton of guys step up and play really well — guys that we’re going to need down the stretch.“We really established an identity for ourselves as an offense and a defense,” Brees added. “We know how to play winning football.”NOTES: Saints leading receiver Michael Thomas did not practice Wednesday and his ankle was cited as the reason on the club’s injury report. However, he was present at practice and the Saints regularly err on the side of resting top-performing veterans when they have soreness, particularly early in the week. … In addition to Armstead, DT David Onyemata (hip) and right tackle Ryan Ramczyk (shoulder) were listed as limited in practice. … Fullback Zach Line, who left the game in Dallas with a concussion, was able to practice fully.
  21. Who should the Cowboys take in round two? What are the team’s biggest need? And take a look at a behind the scenes experiment inside the Cowboys war room. These stories and more in the latest edition of Cowboys news."War Room experiment: How the Cowboys’ 2019 draft might look from inside The Star - Jeff Cavanaugh Womens Jaylon Smith 2019 Jersey , The AthleticCavanaugh takes us through his yearly war room exercise where he contemplates his option during each round. Updated Draft Needs for Every NFL Team - Kristopher Knox, Bleacher ReportWith the draft less than two weeks ago, Bleacher Report sifts through each NFL team and determines their draft needs. What did they come up with for the Cowboys? Dallas Cowboys 2019 NFL Draft: 3 burning questions - Steven Mullenax, The Landry HatThere are several burning questions heading into the draft, including... Draft buzz building around two players - Terence Watson, The Landry HatDon’t believe everything you hear, however it’s good to keep your ear close to the ground. After last year’s late buzz with Leighton Vander Esch turning into reality, this year - we are all ears. Two players are hot topics right now Cheap Jaylon Smith Youth Jersey , including the NCAA’s all time leading sack leader. And now a safety that was once thought to be out of reach, might be falling within striking distance. Mailbag: A Draft Advantage? Tackle Depth? - Staff, Dallas CowboysRob Phillips and Bryan Broaddus over at the Mothership answer questions, including how not having a Day 1 pick might dial in their focus on later candidates. L.J. Collier, local Cowboys’ prospect could become national treasure - Eli Cuellar, Cowboys WireCould the Cowboys stay close to home when going after a new defensive linemen? TCU’s L.J. Collier is a Dallas Day visitor who is on the team’s radar. DT Trysten Hill comes with baggage, but could add a lot to Cowboys defensive line - Kevin Turner, The AthleticThe Cowboys aren’t strangers to taking chances White DeMarcus Ware Jersey , and Central Florida’s Trysten Hill could be the type of gamble that pays off in a big way. Best Dallas Cowboys Draft Picks From Each Year of the Jason Garrett Era - John Williams, Inside The StarThe Cowboys are known for hitting it out of the park in the first round, but they’ve branched off into other rounds as of late. That’s great news to hear considering they don’t have a first-round pick this year. John Williams runs down the last eight drafts and identifies the best selections. The top 5 players Cowboys regret passing on in 2014 draft, including two Pro Bowl DBs - Jon Machota, SportsDayIt’s hard to nit pick at a draft where they landed two of the top players in the entire draft class, but there’s always room for improvement. This is one of the biggest weeks of Tony Romo’s life as he’s getting ready to call Super Bowl LIII on CBS with Jim Nantz. We found out earlier in the week that he almost returned to the Cowboys after the 2016 season, but that’s the past, what does the future for Romo hold?Many have championed Romo returning to the Cowboys DeMarcus Ware Jersey 2019 , but not in the way you think (well, probably that, too). During his days in the booth Romo has shown the world just how well he can diagnose things happening on a football field. That sounds like the job of a coach.This is how people want to see Romo come back, the Cowboys do have an opening at offensive coordinator after all. It’s totally possible that Romo could one day become a great coach, but we don’t know whether he would or not. It’s a difficult profession.Whatever you think of the possibilities of Romo wearing a headset just know, they’re a little bit more than possibilities. While he won’t be helping the 2019 Cowboys by any means it does seem like he has that itch and could one day try to scratch it.How long do you think until Romo wants out of the booth?
  22. Youth Matt Slauson Jersey

    It has been a long time since fans in Indianapolis have watched a team that relies so heavily on contributions from players in their first two professional seasons. The upside? Young players will have a real opportunity to develop and build the identity Chris Ballard needs before he starts handing out big contracts in free agency. The downside? Young players are inconsistent. They make mistakes. As the season goes on Youth Matt Slauson Jersey , it is fair to expect that their weaknesses will be exposed, and opponents will have more film to draw from to take advantage.Last week, a Colts team that has played well enough to threaten in every game this season put it all together. The offense was highly efficient and delivered the kind of balance Frank Reich has wanted to establish all year. It is rare to see the Colts go with a run heavy script, particularly with Andrew Luck under center, but that finally happened in a blowout win against the Bills. The defense? The opportunism Matt Eberflus hoped to bring with him from Dallas played a big role in the outcome. Veteran safety Mike Mitchell has been incredible in his first two weeks in this system, Darius Leonard is a serious contender for defensive rookie of the year, and rookie Kemoko Turay was finally able to emulate Colts pass rushing legend Robert Mathis with an impressive strip sack.What does all of this mean? What should fans expect? WHO KNOWS?Indianapolis desperately needs to put together a winning streak and establish some momentum. Outside of the AFC South, any hopes of winning the division would be so outlandish it wouldn’t be worth discussing. In this division, a Houston Texans team that isn’t particularly impressive sits at the top. A win today and losses by the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars could push the Colts to second in the division heading into their bye week.While some fans are tired of hearing about the late-game decision to throw away a tie, the reality is that the decision could very well cost the Colts a playoff berth. If it does, the costs far outweigh any obscure thought about inspiring a “play to win” mentality. The confidence a playoff berth would give to this young team as it continues building would make a smart football decision to take a tie against a divisional opponent at home a distant memory.I digress.Indianapolis has a favorable second half schedule but they have to finish out the first half strong. The Oakland Raiders have been an absolute dumpster fire since Jon Gruden took the reins. Their best player Matt Slauson Jersey Stitched , Khalil Mack, was dealt to the Chicago Bears — who are suddenly competitors. The Raiders? They are desperately trying to find a pass rush — ironic. One of their best offensive players, Amari Cooper, was just dealt to the Dallas Cowboys. Is Derek Carr next?Gruden is collecting draft picks and clearly selling his best assets for a wide scale reset. One has to wonder if the stigma of taking Tony Dungy’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win in 2003 is really digging at him. He has “10 years” and all of the control he could ever want with the Raiders. They’re about to move to Las Vegas and Gruden has a chance to fill his team full of grinders? And hoagies? And Italian beef? Maybe he is targeting a Portillo’s franchise deal?Point is, the Colts season is effectively on the brink. It will stay there from now to Week 17. Ballard and coach Frank Reich cannot afford to lose more than a game or two the rest of the way and can ill afford to lose more than one division game. Perhaps no opponent provides a more desirable situation than Gruden’s Grinders颅颅鈩? What are the keys to a Colts win?KEEP CATCHING THE DAMN BALLThe Colts entered the season with T.Y. Hilton as the only sure-thing at wide receiver. Veteran Ryan Grant has been a reliable chain-mover in his NFL career but is not a threat to break a big play. Chester Rogers has shown ability in fits and starts but has not put it all together. Behind them? Zach Pascal is been getting his first real opportunity to make an impact and veteran Dontrelle Inman was recently signed to replace second-year receiver Marcus Johnson — Inman wasn’t targeted once against Buffalo, even though he ran more routes than any other player on the roster. Through the first six weeks of the season, the drops were an epidemic. Rogers and Pascalwere the primary culprits and some of the drops were back breakers. Eric Ebron has had his own drop issues but has made up for them with a pace of production that would demolish his season bests in every category. Last week, drops were significantly reduced. Luck was incredibly efficient.If receivers can build on this theme, the offense will keep racking up yards and scoring touchdowns. Hitting on all cylinders, it is doubtful that Carr and the Raiders can keep up.DIAL UP THE PRESSUREThe Raiders offense is on life support. Marshawn Lynch is out, Amari Cooper is gone Womens Malik Hooker Jersey , and Derek Carr has looked uncomfortable playing in Gruden’s system. Nothing that has happened since the season started has improved the outlook for for Derek Carr. His best target is a tight end. The Colts could certainly scheme to take 31 year old Jared Cook out of the game. If they do, where will Carr turn?I’m not sure he even knows the answer to that. You can only check down to Jalen Richard so many times and the speed of the Colts defense isn’t particularly favorable for that game plan. The lack of weapons should mean that Carr has to hold onto the ball a little longer than he would like. If so, the Colts need to capitalize. Pressure, quarterback hits, sacks, Eberflus should have a chance to rack these up. If they do, the defense can remain opportunistic.STAY BALANCEDThe last six quarters have seen Marlon Mack and the Colts run offense come to life. Even rookies Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins have been highly successful running behind an offensive line that finally has veteran Anthony Castonzo back at left tackle and rookie Braden Smith at right tackle. Even right guard Mark Glowinski has been excellent in his first two games as a starter in Indianapolis.Look, if the Colts can continue creating big plays on the ground, Luck will feast. Play-action passing in Luck’s career has been more of a strategic necessity than an actual threat. If the running game starts to create legitimate defensive hesitation, look out. National sports writers who have been asking questions about Luck’s deep ball will sheepishly recede into the hole they came out of if the run game creates second and short situations where Reich can dial up downfield shots.The key to all of this is for the backfield to continue producing.STAY HEALTHYInjuries have been a theme for so long in Indianapolis that it is getting boring bringing it up... or depressing. A number of players who will take the field against the Raiders have been dealing with nagging injuries.Adam Vinatieri was clearly affected by a groin injury against the Bills. He missed two extra point attempts. Even his makes looked horrible. While it is hard to believe that he is actually healthy after noticeably grimacing in pain a week ago, he could be playing for the all-time scoring record before determining his long-term plan over the bye week. Missing kicks can turn a game Womens Peyton Manning Jersey , so his health will be important.Former Raider Denico Autry may take the field and give the Colts a healthy defensive interior for the first time in weeks. Paired with Margus Hunt, the line was generating a lot of pressure. Without both on the field healthy, a lot more was required of Turay and Jabaal Sheard. With the starting unit back on the field healthy, can they pick up where they left off? Maybe, but they need to stay healthy today to make the possible.Marlon Mack has struggled through injury every week since he arrived in the NFL. He broke out for his best game last week, the first full workload since 2017. He was limited in practice on Wednesday and sat out on Thursday. Full participation on Friday is encouraging but the team needs him to find a way to get and stay healthy. Losing would almost certainly hurt the team’s offensive balance.SET THE TONE EARLYHeading into the half last week, the Colts were clearly in the driver’s seat. The game was well in hand and the play book was wide open on both sides of the ball. Defenders could stay aggressive at every level and the offense could do whatever it wanted. How about that nice reverse to Nyheim Hines?It seems so obvious that you need the lead to win football games but establishing a lead early can change everything. The closer the game stays, the more competitive it is, the more limited you feel you can be in terms of taking risks. The more “conservative” you will tend to play on both sides of the ball. In a game where momentum can be so important, the longer your opponent feels that they’re in it, the more challenging it is to play the game.Break your opponent’s will early. Open it up and have fun. Game Time4:05 pm ET Sunday October 28th Cheap Nate Hairston Youth Jersey , 2018LocationOakland-Alameda County Coliseum – Oakland, CaliforniaTV ChannelCBS — Andrew Catalon (play-by-play) and James Lofton (color)RadioWFNI (1070 The Fan) and WLHK (HANK FM) — Matt Taylor (play-by-play), Jim Sorgi (color) and Caroline Cann (sideline)Referee AssignmentJohn Parry“Enemy” BlogSilver and Black PrideTwitterFollow @StampedeBlue for the complete Colts coverage.FacebookLike Stampede Blue on Facebook!PodcastsApple Podcasts | Stitcher | Art 19 | SB Colts Cast YT Channel Martavis Bryant is back with the Oakland Raiders and focused on getting up to speed again in coach Jon Gruden's offense with an eye on playing this Sunday in Denver.One day after signing a one-year contract to return to Oakland, the 26-year-old Bryant was in a positive and playful mood while speaking to reporters Thursday. He had been acquired in a trade with Pittsburgh in the spring and then released by Oakland earlier this month."I was very surprised but at the same time I knew there was a plan," Bryant said. "I didn't get overly frustrated. I was with my family the whole time. I honestly didn't know what was going to happen. I just stayed focused and continued to do the things I needed to do to get back to football."Talk has circulated for three months that Bryant could be suspended by the NFL for another violation of the league's substance-abuse policy. Bryant missed all of 2016 while suspended for the same reason.The Raiders have avoided discussing the topic publicly. Bryant said he has heard nothing from the NFL."I don't know nothing abut none of that," Bryant said. "All I'm here to do is play football. As far as that stuff, I'll let that process take care of itself."The Raiders are hoping Bryant can help spark Oakland's passing game, which was shut down in the second half against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night.That was the original plan when they traded a third-round pick to the Steelers to get Bryant before heath issues prevented the veteran receiver from practicing for most of training camp.When Bryant was released as part of final roster cutdowns, Gruden said it was because he had been outplayed by some of the team's other young receivers. On Wednesday, Gruden said that Bryant was in a good place."He looks good," offensive coordinator Greg Olson said. "He stayed in shape. He stayed around town so he's still involved in the game and working out. He retained a lot of the things that we were doing with him previously Womens Pierre Desir 2019 Jersey , so he looks good."Bryant agreed."This is just another thing that I've been through in my career," Bryant said. "I made some mistakes when I was at a younger age and I learned from that. I didn't get overly down on myself as I beat myself up the first time I got suspended. I've been through it before so I know how to stay focused and just fight through it."Bryant said he avoided watching the Raiders' 33-13 loss to the Rams, although he remained in the Bay Area after being released by Oakland on Sept. 1.What he missed was the Raiders passing attack going dormant in the second half. Wide receivers Jordy Nelson and Amari Cooper were limited to four catches for 32 yards combined, none after halftime.Bryant is hopeful of joining them in Denver when the Raiders play the Broncos."I'm going to be ready to go," Bryant said. "We've got a couple more days of practice in. I'm going to go out and put hard work in with the guys. If coach needs me to go in Sunday, I'll be ready to go."I'm comfortable now but at the same time with coach Gruden's offense you have to continue to study every day and continue to be a student of the book. You need tough love to be the best. I have a lot of work to do and he's going to continue to push me."Notes: Defensive tackle Justin Ellis was placed on injured reserve with a foot strain. ... The Raiders signed defensive tackles Johnathan Hankins and Clinton McDonald.__
  23. Youth Shon Coleman Jersey

    Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (8/1/18) Cleveland Browns:“Hue Jackson tells players to ‘be smart’ during first break of training camp” (ABJ) - “Jackson gathered his players on the field Monday at the end of the fifth practice of training camp and offered advice that could be interpreted as a warning.”“Carlos Hyde wants to be a 1 Carl Nassib Jersey Stitched ,000-yard rusher and lead the NFL in rushing yards in 2018” (WFNY) - “This is coming from a guy who has yet to rush for 1,000 yards in a season through his first four years in the NFL.”“Josh Gordon breaking ankles in Gainesville” (247Sports) - “During his time away from the Cleveland Browns, wide receiver Josh Gordon has been working with former Olympic sprinter Tim Montgomery as part of N.U.M.A. Speed in Gainesville, Florida.”“Tim Couch Youth Shon Coleman Jersey , another No. 1 pick, offers advice to Baker Mayfield: Patience” (C-T) - “Tim Couch’s advice to Baker Mayfield is simple: Be patient. He could’ve said: Be careful what you wish for.”NFL:“Saints signing Michael Floyd, Brandon Tate” (PFT) - “New Orleans was in need of depth at the position after Travin Dural broke a humerus, and Brandon Coleman continues to rehab an undisclosed injury. The Saints also are unsettled at returner.”“Raiders Shon Coleman Jersey Stitched , Khalil Mack haven’t talked contract since Feb” (NFL.com) - “Mack, who hasn’t reported to training camp, enters the final year of his contract on a fifth-year option, which pays a base salary of $13.8 million.”“Robert Griffin III finding new opportunities with Ravens” (AP) - “Robert Griffin III rolled to his right and threw a tight spiral down the middle of the field to a receiver that was being closely covered by a pair of defenders.”“Johnny Manziel comeback tour headed for Montreal: QB set to make first CFL start” (CBS) - “It looks like Johnny Manziel’s decision to take his football talent to Canada is finally about to pay off.” The Panthers feel they get a steal with one of the draft’s premier edge rushers." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteDawgs EDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL Mock Draft: Carolina Panthers Select DE/OLB Brian Burns at No. 16Melina Myers-USA TODAY SportsWith the 16th pick in the 2019 DBN Community NFL Mock Draft Youth Nate Orchard Jersey , the Carolina Panthers select...Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida StateThe selection and write-up were made by GrandAdmiralThrawn0905:Pokorny: “Credit for the clips goes to Pro Football Focus. I like the explanation given for the pick and can’t argue with it. Edge rusher and offensive tackle seem to be the route to go, and I think Burns gives the Panthers the young prospect they’ve needed after trying to rely on some veterans there.”The New York Giants are up next Nate Orchard Jersey Stitched , led by fjblessi.2019 DBN Community Mock Draft ResultsPickTeamUsernameSelectionPickTeamUsernameSelection
  24. There been a ton of communicate above the Bears drafting a fresh starting off RB, and for constructive cause their 2018 rookie is at the moment an Eagle Bradley Sowell Jersey, they signed Mike Davis inside free of charge company, and theye satisfied with ~17 one of a kind RB potential customers within just the pre-draft treatment.However what do the Bears at the moment contain at RB? Why do they require a clean a person? Obtain out inside this movie review! All through this breakdown Il present perception into the positive aspects and weaknesses of the principal 2019 BearsRBs, particularly Cohen, Davis, and Patterson. As regular, if the motion pictures don get the job done upon your system basically glance for the italicized section of the paragraph that must be a website link in the direction of the video clip staying referenced. Wel start out off with...Tarik Cohen The explosion Cohen reveals is surely unreal. Perspective him shift versus a standstill in the direction of 20 yards downfield below suffice toward say, that not well known inside the NFL. His energy towards deliver anything at all out of almost nothing retains defenses always upon notify. Nevertheless any whoe observed Cohen participate in realize that he not specifically a runner, he a knowledgeable recipient also. Cohen power in direction of perform both equally out of the backfield and off the line of scrimmage produces significant performs together with the a person mentioned right here the security conveniently doesn anticipate him toward work a sideline transfer way, leaving a enormous gap up the sidelines. Cohen will make them spend dearly. Cohen overall flexibility lets Nagy toward substitute formations actually at will, and it demonstrates up in just the offense. Choose a appearance at this enjoy whilst it isn financially rewarding, the Bears flex versus an I-Development seem toward a shotgun mounted with Cohen out broad with out shed a overcome. Cohen provides Nagy heaps of development overall flexibility when he upon the business. All of this mentioned, I be remiss if I didn actuality out Cohen weak spot as a electricity runner. Don just take me incorrect, he a feisty person (as pictured in excess of), nonetheless he doesn operate in the tackles normally and in all probability won moving ahead Adam Shaheen Jersey. He a fatal weapon, yet he not our 2019 aspect back again.Following, let assessment...Mike Davis At ~220kilos, Davis is a organic and natural in good shape amongst the tackles and performs with a sudden variety of burst for a gentleman his sizing. He not just one toward move down towards a poor handle and reduces his shoulder efficiently. Davis may operate properly in just Nagy in just-zone plan. Nonetheless what separates Mike Davis in opposition to your function-of-the-mill downhill again are his incredibly soft palms -- examine out how fluidly he catches the ball listed here https://www.bearssportingapparel.com/Redford_Jones_Jersey-1064, squandering no season among the capture by itself and the function afterward. Much too observe his spin flow it just one of his favored instruments in just the open up business. Sadly, Davis contains occasional troubles with open up-market choice-creating this engage in reveals him go upon a indeed 1st down, rather deciding on toward crack again into the centre of the sector and eliminate yardage. I including towards check out him complete operates which include Those people bodily inside of the potential. Davis much too leaves a great deal in direction of be preferred inside of move basic safety inside of the 3 video games I charted, he gave up a sack, a worry, and a QBH upon simply 5 protecting against snaps. Davis skills as a runner & recipient generate him very good satisfies for Nagy offense, nevertheless his protecting against might deny him the beginning job.Final yet not minimum amount, let explore a unsafe participant that I believe that was introduced within toward perform a remarkably weighty RB position...Cordarrelle Patterson Patterson is wickedly instant and hits the gap tough examine out how easily he navigates targeted traffic right here, choosing 20 yards without the need of breaking a sweat. Patterson more substantial than yourself might fully grasp his 6 220lb body presents him lots of ability, manufacturing him a difficult male toward convey down. Don be astonished if he finishes up turning into the ball in just shorter-yardage predicaments in the course of 2019. Still the least complicated portion pertaining to Patterson recreation (and what I believe that creates him suit therefore very well within this Bears offense) is that he, Davis, and Cohen can all capture the ball perfectly out of the backfield. Patterson flashes each individual of his instruments upon this participate in he catches the ball easily, jets by means of the linebacker, and operates about the initial DB that reaches him. The dude a weapon. And, of training course, he bought loads of practical experience as a recipient way too despite the fact that his routes aren constantly ideal, his tempo and dimension will crank out oneself fork out if your self depart him open up deep. He Really, Pretty hazardous within the open up marketplace. At some point I anticipate Patterson in the direction of be utilized as an RB/KR just before 2018 he averaged ~10 carries/12 months, however the Pats gave him 42 and I strategy he did effectively with them. The Bears contain good WR element, thus it won surprise me if Patterson fundamentally supports the RB area, getting to be 50-70 carries in the course of the year.ConclusionBased upon the research about, the Bears glance in direction of be lost a accurate “do-it-allagain. If our RBs are a cake, we contain remarkable icing (Patterson, Cohen) still will need further cake. I anticipate the Bears in direction of interest upon backs with in just eyesight and a uncomplicated initial 10 yards that capture and block very well. He must be capable toward control ~150 carries https://www.bearssportingapparel.com/Cordarrelle_Patterson_Jersey-1024. Mike Davis is sturdy, as a result it won surprise me if he “startsthe 1st 2-4 game titles (try to remember, RBBC!) though we benefit the starter within just. As for who that newbie is? Youl contain in the direction of request draft experts which include EJ Snyder Jordan Williams-Lambert Jersey, Jacob Infante, or Aaron Leming. Trayveon Williams and Miles Sanders glimpse including robust suits towards me, still I no consultant.However what do on your own imagine over the Bears RBs? Such as em? Consider they coulde been far better? Make it possible for me notice! DeAndre Houston-Carson Jersey Kerrith Whyte Jr. Jersey Tarik Cohen Jersey
  25. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Heisman Trophy-profitable quarterback at the supreme, 2 much more QBs together the course — and a comprehensive good deal of men who which includes practically nothing far better than positioning passers upon the flooring.That was the appear for the to start with spherical of the NFL draft evening.Arizona defied NFL personalized and at minimal quickly manufactured a quarterback quandary by means of choosing Oklahoma Kyler Murray toward begin proceedings within just a moist and wild alternative present.As countless numbers of supporters withstood rain that commenced accurately around Whilst Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke Murray track record, the Cardinals used a moment immediately substantial pick out upon a indication caller. Arizona moved up against 15th general in the direction of 10th inside 2018 toward get Josh Rosen.NFL groups quickly dont do that, however with a clean prepare inside school-experienced Kliff Kingsbury, the Cardinals intended the formidable go Hakeem Butler Jersey. At minimal right until they going movement Rosen somewhere else within just a exchange.My activity is towards occur in just every single working day, energy challenging and acquire far better each individual and just about every working day, do what I can in direction of produce this staff greater, Murray claimed. Ive regarded Josh simply because large college or university, consequently me and him are interesting. We received alongside particularly properly, hence Ive normally been fond of him. Nevertheless us getting teammates already, I cant deal with just about anything nevertheless likely inside there and doing work complicated.Resplendent in just a red fit — practically nothing finish in the direction of the Cardinals crimson he will be carrying inside of Arizona — Murray was a initially-spherical baseball select by way of the Oakland A. He turns into the 22nd Heisman Trophy champion towards move initial in general and is the minute instantly Sooners quarterback in the direction of pull it off: Baker Mayfield went toward Cleveland within 2018.Again Towards Again!!!!! CONGRATS K1!!!! Nicely deserved my brotha!!! Mayfield tweeted.As for bypassing baseball, Murray consists of no qualms relating to the choice.I delight in taking part in several sports activities. I grew up participating in various sports activities, he reported. I particularly imagine there no rationale towards reduce you toward just one video game Zach Allen Jersey. I enjoy in the direction of contend, hence it wasnt a substantial bundle for me.With quarterbacks therefore inside of require this kind of times, the Giants could possibly incorporate obtained a little bit for Duke Daniel Jones at the 6th desired destination, and the Redskins did precisely the contrary towards acquire Dwayne Haskins. They stayed position at No. 15 and the Ohio Region star fell in the direction of them.Possibly serendipitously, he retained a bowling get together with regards to 30 miles absent night time.Im specifically relocating towards effort upon getting to be my brain within that playbook, claimed Haskins, a just one-calendar year rookie for the Buckeyes. Im heading in direction of do all I can in the direction of receive bodily and mentally organized for the foreseeable future period and merely encourage my gentlemen that coming in just with me inside of this newbie system.The moment Murray, even though, protection grew to become the acquire of the evening. Of the initially 20 selections, 12 ended up for that aspect of the ball, all of them move-dashing hazards.Ohio Region benefit rusher Nick Bosa went instant in direction of San Francisco as needed. The 49ers contain employed a very first-spherical option upon 4 defensive linemen inside of the further than 5 drafts.I look at him as a 3-down participant, all round supervisor John Lynch claimed. He acquired in the direction of appear in just and do it, still he performs the operate properly. His least difficult electrical power is speeding the passer, yet he can enjoy all 3 downs and enjoy within all circumstances.Bosa more mature brother, Joey, performs for the Chargers and was the 2016 Defensive Starter of the 12 months. Their dad furthermore performed inside of the NFL.Positive genes, gentleman, Bosa reported with a chortle. It was simply pleasure all in close proximity to. My brother sought after me toward shift superior than he did (3rd all round), consequently exactly for my desire towards arrive correct and my relatives towards be there towards observe Joshua Miles Jersey, it was fairly fantastic.Bosa is the optimum Ohio Region draft choose mainly because offensive deal with Orlando Speed went No. 1 in direction of St. Louis within 1997. He overlooked all nonetheless a few video games remaining time with a main muscle mass harm, still currently experienced displayed the variety of playmaking that lifts gamers in direction of loft standing. These as the moment opt for within the draft.The Jets, extensively speculated in direction of exchange the 3rd pick out, utilized it upon Alabama defensive manage Quinnen Williams. Not even a novice right up until 2018, he received the Outland Trophy closing period and is Alabama most-drafted defensive participant considering the fact that linebacker Cornelius Bennett went No. 2 all round inside 1987.Even more security with Clemson finish Clelin Ferrell moving in the direction of Oakland and LSU linebacker Devin White toward Tampa Bay, both of those addressing enormous requirements.The Giants, on the lookout for Eli Manning eventual successor, took Jones, the Senior Bowl MVP. Jones essentially was not regarded as a to start with-spherical possibility after the university time finished. Nonetheless he been tutored at Duke through David Cutcliffe, who in addition coached Peyton and Eli Manning inside of college or university.I believe it a enormous possibility towards understand for a youthful quarterback, Jones explained of Eli Manning.He is a gentleman that experienced a entire whole lot of achievements within the NFL and there is a rationale for that https://www.cardinalsfanstoreonline.com/Troy_Niklas_Jersey-660. Im wanting toward recognize that and do my great toward understand as substantially as I can in opposition to him When he in just Refreshing York.Kentucky benefit rusher Josh Allen adopted toward Jacksonville, then it was Iowa limited close T.J. Hockenson towards Detroit and Houston DT Ed Oliver toward Buffalo.At some point, within the 10th desired destination, a exchange: Pittsburgh sending the 20th location, the 53rd preference and a 3rd-rounder subsequent 12 months towards Denver. The Steelers, with Corridor of Famer Joe Greene creating the announcement, decided on Michigan linebacker Devin Bush — a participant curiously coveted by way of AFC North rival Cincinnati at No. 11.The Bengals grabbed Alabama deal with Jonah Williams as a substitute.3 consecutive options were being dealt later on within just the spherical. Denver experienced gotten No. 20 towards the Steelers and took Noah Fant, the moment Iowa restricted conclusion most well-liked evening. Eco-friendly Bay learned the subsequent decide on versus Seattle and acquired Maryland basic safety Darnell Savage, a relatively unpredicted preference. Then the Eagles dealt with Baltimore and in all probability received a alternative for longtime still left take care of Jason Peters with Tytus Howard of Alabama Place, the initially non-FBS participant desired.A person desired destination afterwards, at No. 24, Oakland applied its moment choose upon Alabama Josh Jacobs, the initially operating again in the direction of shift. The Raiders 3rd variety was Mississippi Nation basic safety Johnathan Abrams https://www.cardinalsfanstoreonline.com/Colby_Gossett_Jersey-836.Baltimore refreshing GM, Eric DeCosta, intended his very first decision within just value of the draft Oklahoma recipient Marquise Brown, who too wept on getting referred to as.In the course of its bartering, Seattle experienced consecutive areas at 29 and 30, deciding upon TCU L.J. Collier — nevertheless a different defensive lineman — prior to sending the 30th toward the Giants, who grabbed cornerback DeAndre Baker of Ga. That gave Fresh new York 3 1st-rounders.One particular personnel that trapped in the direction of the trenches, still upon the offensive facet, was Atlanta. Determined for protecting against aid, the Falcons drafted Boston Faculty safeguard Chris Lindstrom and Washington handle Kaleb McGary, who they acquired as a result of buying and selling back again into the opening spherical toward take the Rams 31st desired destination.Clean England finished a to start with spherical that noticed 18 defensive avid gamers taken (basically 3 within the secondary) and 14 upon offense with recipient NKeal Harry of Arizona Nation.Over-all, the SEC experienced 9 avid gamers, the ACC 8 and the Significant 10 7. Clemson, Alabama and Mississippi Place experienced 3 draftees apiece. https://www.cardinalsfanstoreonline.com/Terrell_Mcclain_Jersey-1370 https://www.cardinalsfanstoreonline.com/Keesean_Johnson_Jersey-872 https://www.cardinalsfanstoreonline.com/Marcus_Gilbert_Jersey-824
  26. In accordance in the direction of a tale penned Thursday early morning within the Kansas Town Star, the NFL was knowledgeable that Overland Park law enforcement experienced been referred to as in the direction of the property of Kansas Town Chiefs large recipient Tyreek Hill prior to it was general public practical experience.Upon March 15, information scientific studies surfaced Hill was provided in just an study around an alleged accident of battery in opposition to a juvenile. Hill incorporates not been billed inside the accident, which stays below study through Overland Park law enforcement, the Johnson District Lawyer, and the Kansas Division of Little ones and Households.Within just its clean tale, the Star claims it incorporates accomplished a reproduction of a letter shipped toward the Overland Park Law enforcement Office upon March 12 Derrick Thomas Jersey. It was delivered against Dirk Taitt, who known himself as an NFL consultant incorporated within just basic safety.Citing the Kansas Open up Data Act, the NFL questioned the law enforcement division for scientific tests comparable towards “recent kid abuse issues amongst the mothers and fathers Crystal Espinal and Tyreek Hill as it relates in the direction of alleged harm sustained as a result of the couple minimal little one.”The ask goes upon in direction of request for “all reportsrelated in the direction of the scenario, together with phone calls for provider, illustrations or photos, witness claims, law enforcement article narratives, health-related data, movie tapes, recordings of 911 phone calls and “any scientific tests comparable in direction of evaluate findingsas a result of the Johnson County District Attorney office environment.Thrust experiments contain indicated that Overland Park law enforcement were being named in the direction of Hill house two times when upon March 5, and all over again upon March 14. Taitt letter was shipped a 7 days following the initial get hold of Marcus Marshall Jersey, and 2 times right before the minute just one. Neither law enforcement get in touch with was stated in just the drive ahead of March 15 https://www.chiefsshopgear.com/Harrison_Butker_Jersey-417.In just the letter, Taitt wrote the NFL was “reviewing this accident in the direction of evaluation no matter if a violation of the NFL Specific Carry out Plan transpired identical in the direction of a criticism or arrest between an NFL staff, inside this scenario, Mr. Hill.”According in the direction of the Star, the Overland Park law enforcement routinely responded toward the letter, offering the NFL a replica of the March 5 article the exact a single intended community by means of the Star and other media retailers a handful of times afterwards https://www.chiefsshopgear.com. However the Star in addition studies the March 5 post offered toward the NFL merely which include the kinds produced toward the media did not contain all the material already within just the fingers of the law enforcement.As claimed through the law enforcement office within its answer, simply just a component of the write-up was unveiled. Other quantities, which includes information and facts of what happened and any content material with regards to a suspect https://www.chiefsshopgear.com/Kyle_Shurmur_Jersey-1065, had been not produced. Law enforcement claimed that, for the reason that the short article worried a boy or girl in just will need of treatment, the total short article would not be produced devoid of a courtroom acquire.The Star explained that the NFL declined in direction of remark upon Taitt letter towards the law enforcement.Through his pre-draft force convention upon Thursday which started out basically minutes soon after the Star composed its tale Chiefs all round supervisor Brett Veach way too declined in direction of remark.“Coach variety of reported it upon Monday,stated Veach, referring in direction of a equivalent reply versus mind prepare Andy Reid for the duration of his push convention upon Monday. don particularly contain something in the direction of say upon that. It shifting in the direction of hard work by itself out in this article, and wel package with the material as it will come. There practically nothing I be inside of a issue in direction of say directly at present.”It is unfamiliar regardless of whether the NFL consists of developed even more written content requests towards nearby federal government.Upgrade:Late upon Thursday afternoon, Fox4 stated that inside of present-day times, Hill and Crystal Espinal contain been moving throughout a little one inside have to have of treatment situation within loved ones courtroom.FOX4 established with court docket insiders that Hill was inside of loved ones courtroom upon Wednesday and contains been there number of other periods. It unclear whenever the subsequent courtroom day is.There are a assortment of good reasons that this kind of a circumstance (termed a CINC scenario) may be introduced within spouse and children courtroom ranging versus truancy towards forget in the direction of abuse.This in opposition to the Johnson County District Attorney internet web-site:A CINC circumstance is initiated as a result of a short article in the direction of legislation enforcement or the Kansas Division of Small children and Household Products and services (DCF), adopted by means of an research and a referral [through] the District Attorney Business office. Truancy referrals are generated via the educational institutions or faculty district.Because Hill and Espinal little one is below faculty age, truancy is not the point. That leaves overlook or abuse as potential explanations for a CINC scenario towards be introduced. Fox4 did not offer you reporting upon that portion of the tale.Therefore what comes about inside of a CINC circumstance? Again toward the Johnson County District Attorney content material.[T]he courtroom should really decide if the little one is “in want of care(that means, that the kid is with out appropriate treatment or supervision, or contains been abused, or is truant, or other statutory causes). If the court docket reveals the baby in the direction of be a CINC, the courtroom contains enormous authority in the direction of produce orders for the little one and household. The courtroom could possibly purchase the youngster and mom and dad in direction of uncover counseling or method. The courtroom could acquire the kid positioned in just the custody of a relative or in just place custody.If the baby is positioned inside DCF custody and bought as a result of the court docket reside out of the property, the court docket may perhaps will need the dad and mom in the direction of in depth initiatives demanded in direction of ascertain the little one may possibly be safely and securely returned dwelling. The dad and mom will on top of that be necessary in direction of spend baby service in direction of DCF for the period the little one is positioned out of the residence. If the mother and father fall short towards extensive the initiatives assigned by way of the court docket, the court docket could think about termination of parental legal rights or lasting place with a family members member. The objective in just all CINC situations is in the direction of incorporate the little one continue being inside of the dwelling Though it is safe and sound toward do therefore. Termination of parental legal rights is simply just regarded immediately after all efforts in the direction of reunite the loved ones comprise unsuccessful. Hill current household courtroom appearances may well be equivalent in the direction of (or a final result of) the investigate by way of the Overland Park law enforcement inside March. The explanation of Individuals appearances might number versus directing the number of in just strategies towards enhance their child dwelling disorders in direction of identifying regardless of whether Hill and Espinal must maintain custody.Mainly because they include things like small young children, Individuals scenarios are not open up in the direction of general public scrutiny for that reason Fox4 reliance upon “court insidersin direction of establish that Hill and Espinal comprise looked there. Barring a general public assertion in opposition to the several by themselves, it is not likely we will discover a lot added more than what contains been developing. Reggie Ragland Jersey Herb Miller III Jersey Len Dawson Jersey
  27. The Philadelphia Eagles done their 1st OTA train of the 2019 offseason upon Tuesday. Here a glance at what their existing element chart appears to be which includes based mostly upon which avid gamers took very first employees associates. Preserve inside of intellect it merely May perhaps and there however a lot of personnel for this tentative detail chart in direction of variation via the season last cuts are developed in advance of 7 days 1 https://www.eaglesgearteamshop.com/Rasul_Douglas_Jersey-338.QUARTERBACKFirst staff: Carson WentzSecond workers: Nate SudfeldThird workers: Clayton ThorsonFourth employees: Cody KesslerWentz is having the entire slate of very first personnel associates; no constraints. Kessler is beginning out inside of “camp armterritory as the fourth QB.Working BACKFirst staff: Jordan HowardSecond staff members: Wendell Smallwood*Backups: Boston Scott, Donnel Pumphrey*Miles Sanders was donning a visor at train; he didn take part. Corey Clement is nevertheless rehabbing. Josh Adams, who is recovering towards shoulder surgical procedure, won be geared up in the direction of educate until finally performing exercises camp.Huge RECEIVERFirst staff members: DeSean Jackson, Nelson Agholor, Charles Johnson*Backups: Shelton Gibson, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Braxton Miller, Greg Ward, DeAndre Thompkins, Marken Michel, Carlton Agudosi*Alshon Jeffery isn attending OTAs simply because theye voluntary. The Eagles greatly rotated their receivers. Gibson and JJAW especially acquired some very first workers appears to be like. Restricted ENDFirst employees: Zach Ertz, Dallas GoedertBackups: Richard Rodgers, Joshua Perkins, Will TyeThe Eagles weren functioning 12 employees as their foundation offense however there have been a amount of 2 restricted conclusion sets https://www.eaglesgearteamshop.com/Malcolm_Jenkins_Jersey-147. OFFENSIVE LINEFirst employees: Andre Dillard*, Isaac Seumalo, Jason Kelce, Halapoulivaati Vaitai*, Jordan Mailata*Minute workers: Tyreek Burwell, Stefen Wisniewski, Anthony Fabiano, Sua Opeta, Matt PryorThird workers: Andre Dillard, Johnny Gibson, Keegan Render, Nate Herbig, Ryan Bates*Jason Peters and Lane Johnson aren attending voluntary OTAs Chris Maragos Jersey. Brandon Brooks is additionally the natural way nonetheless recovering against destruction Will Tye Jersey. Dillard stuffed inside for Peters with Vaitai taking part in at specifically defend rather of his regular function as the swing cope with. Mailata especially skilled at still left deal with as a starter nonetheless the Eagles gave him associates upon the specifically facet with Johnson out. Vaitai is specially forward of Wisniewski at instantly protect. DEFENSIVE LINEFirst personnel: Brandon Graham, Malik Jackson, Timmy Jernigan*, Derek BarnettBackups: Vinny Curry, Joe Ostman, Josh Sweat, Daeshon Corridor, Shareef Miller, Treyvon Hester, Hassan Ridgeway, Anthony Hurry, Kevin Wilkins*Fletcher Cox is even now upon the repair service towards the foot problems he endured inside January. The Eagles closely rotated their defensive linemen, as demanded. LINEBACKERFirst employees: Kamu Grugier-Hill*, Nathan Gerry*Backups: L.J. Fort, Paul Worrilow, T.J. Edwards, B.J. Bello, Joey Alfieri Alex Singleton, *Nigel Bradham was performing some function upon a aspect business https://www.eaglesgearteamshop.com/Anthony_Rush_Jersey-1378. He experienced thumb medical procedures previous year. didn watch Zach Brown working towards.Fort and Worrilow had been rotating with Grugier-Hill and Gerry upon some 1st personnel defensive associates. A lot of fluidity at linebacker. CORNERBACKFirst staff members: Sidney Jones*, Rasul Douglas*, Avonte Maddox (nickel)Backups: Josh Hawkins, Cre’Von LeBlanc, Jeremiah McKinnon, Jay Liggins*Ronald Darby was executing rehab function upon a facet business. I didn check out Jalen Mills, who is too recovering against destruction.SAFETYFirst staff: Andrew Sendejo*, Tre Sullivan*Backups: Blake Countess, DeiondreCorridor, Godwin Igwebuike*Malcolm Jenkins isn attending OTAs and Rodney McLeod is even now executing rehab effort.KICKERFirst employees: Jake ElliottPUNTER 1st staff members: Cameron JohnstonLONG SNAPPERFirst personnel: Rick LovatoStay tuned right here in direction of Bleeding Environmentally friendly Country for my educate notes and a lot more Eagles OTA insurance policies. https://www.eaglesgearteamshop.com/Johnny_Gibson_Jr_Jersey-1402 https://www.eaglesgearteamshop.com/Jay_Liggins_Jersey-1394 https://www.eaglesgearteamshop.com/Brandon_Brooks_Jersey-5
  28. Individuals, we designed it. The draft treatment feels extended and far more drawn out with each passing 12 months (even while they virtually moved the draft again up immediately after a number of decades of starting off at the starting up of Might), however by way of the close of this 7 days we will understand the clean training course of Refreshing England Patriots draft options and undrafted totally free brokers. As yourself study this, Monthly bill Belichick, Nick Caserio, and the unwind of the Patriots war place are hashing out the very last touches toward their huge board, settling upon their tactic for the draft and planning for any problem that may perhaps arrive with the craziness that comes about about the 3 times the draft spans. Therefore, let do the exact. In this article by yourself will uncover a the 3 spherical mock draft applying the substantial board I place collectively yesterday, which on your own can locate in this article. The large board and mock draft ended up area alongside one another applying The Draft Network Good Massive Board Builder and Mock Draft Simulator instruments. Mock Draft Having the substantial board we specifically area with each other higher than, this is a long term 3 spherical haul the Patriots might appear absent with with no buying and selling any selections. Let choose a feel at it spherical through spherical.Spherical 1All a few of Ferrell, Tillery Steve Grogan Jersey, and Brown had been offered primary up in direction of select 31, consequently we understood we have been shifting toward occur absent with an A+ spherical 1 decide on https://www.patriotsfansteamstore.com/Jake_Bailey_Jersey-1306. Right after the Rams snatched Ferrell, Tillery was the simple decide on, and then Brown went 2 choices into the minute spherical. If we desired toward transfer all inside of and check out in direction of seize Brown as well, 56 and 73 coulde gotten us within just the ballpark. Tillery includes the maximum upside of the a few future to start with spherical selections I coveted. If something will come alongside one another https://www.patriotsfansteamstore.com/Dan_Skipper_Jersey-946, Tillery may perhaps top as an all-qualified participant, and there is no greater destination for him in the direction of check out and improve it than Refreshing England. His electricity toward gain in as a go rusher would present quick charge although he refines his treatment and psychological processing towards lead improved as a work defender.Massive Board Avid gamers Taken: Christian Wilkins (26 in the direction of Indianapolis) N’Keal Harry (28 towards L.A. Chargers), Noah Fant (30 in direction of Eco-friendly Bay), Clelin Ferrell (31 towards L.A. Rams). Spherical 2When grabbing a defensive lineman in just spherical a single, we have been capable in direction of safe and sound my beloved pick out of the draft inside Jace Sternberger, a different A+ quality. Sternberger can phase inside up coming in the direction of Austin Seferian-Jenkins early within just the yr and possibly consider more than as the TE1 through the close of the yr https://www.patriotsfansteamstore.com/Phillip_Dorsett_Jersey-587. He won be Rob Gronkowski, still he can be a a lot more than a serviceable restricted finish for a extended year. We then doubled upon the defensive line below, using Charles Omenihu. Within this example with Tillery presently in just the fold, wel be wanting at Omenihu as an Gain substitute in the direction of Trey Bouquets who can in addition kick in just towards hurry the passer. The flexibility the Patriots enjoy will be there with Tillery and Omenihu, Great for an A quality. Substantial Board Avid gamers Taken: A.J. Brown (34 in the direction of Indianapolis), Chase Winovich (37 towards N.Y. Giants), Deebo Samuel (44 toward Eco-friendly Bay), Dexter Lawrence (60 towards L.A. Chargers), Blake Cashman (61 in the direction of Kansas Town), Jachai Well mannered (63 toward Kansas Town).Spherical 3Terry McLaurin is a regular Patriots extensive recipient and spherical a few is the place I exceptionally such as the price at the situation for Fresh England. This is a robust B+ select.Drue Tranquill is a intelligent and well-informed linebacker who may possibly lead upon unique groups and thrust Ja’Whaun Bentley or Elandon Roberts for a function upon the security, a great opt for that fills out the back again-center of the roster very well for a B quality.We entire up working day 2 and spherical a few via doubling up at broad recipient, using Stanley Morgan Jr. not the son of the previous Patriots superior with whom he stocks a popularity. Probably a minor achieve inside spherical 3, Morgan is an additional wideout who satisfies the Patriots properly and can offer you price tag towards the again-heart of the roster, a wonderful B/B+ quality. Large Board Avid gamers Taken: Christian Miller (65 toward Arizona), Andy Isabella (66 in the direction of Pittsburgh), Tyree Jackson (71 in the direction of Denver), Vosean Joseph (72 in the direction of Cincinnati), Zach Allen (77 toward Carolina), Dre’Mont Jones (81 towards Minnesota), Dawson Knox (88 towards Detroit), Oshane Ximines (89 in direction of Indianapolis), Will Grier (91 towards L.A. Chargers).Large Board Gamers Even now Accessible: Mecole Hardman, Khalen Saunders, Daylon Mack, Trysten Hill, Brett Rypien.Appear totally free toward abide by and obtain out toward me upon twitter @Ryan_Keiran in the direction of watch my investigate as the draft unfolds and focus on with me. Too depart a remark with who your self would such as toward view the Patriots emphasis inside the draft! Inevitably, upcoming 7 days I will be executing a total draft recap move upon twitch Joe Cardona Jersey, which by yourself can produce indeed yourself won pass up via after Previously mentioned_Peek! https://www.patriotsfansteamstore.com/Deatrich_Wise_Jr_Jersey-950 https://www.patriotsfansteamstore.com/Stephon_Gilmore_Jersey-328 https://www.patriotsfansteamstore.com/Keion_Crossen_Jersey-729
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